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Default My first time sucking cock.

True Story:

I had been looking at a lot of cock worshiping hypnosis videos lately and I started craving some big black cock. I really wanted to look like the girls in the video sucking cock. So I took to craigslist. I put out an add saying that I was looking to suck my first cock. After a few flakes I finally found a guy who was legit. He was 22, six foot tall and black.

We met up outside of the metro and we had to look for some place secluded. It took us a while to actually find a good spot. After about five minutes of walking, sweating and chatting we found a hotel, took an elevator to the tenth floor, then went into the stairwell up to the roof door but it was locked. So we decided to do it right there. I had my panties on, loose fitting jean shorts and a snap button shirt on. He sat down on the top level and pulled his pants down revealing his hairy flaccid cock and balls. I got down, kneeling on the stairs.

It was surreal because it was the moment I had been fathoming for a long time and now I finally got to do it. So I put his dong in my mouth and began to suck, it was soft so I had to get it hard so he could fuck me. I kept sucking like a good slut. I licked his balls and sucked on them. I put them in my mouth. I slapped his cock against my face and I got very sloppy once his dick started to get hard. I was on the stairs while he was on the top level laying back moaning. The smell of his cock got into my nose quick. It wasn't pleasant but the slut had to continue on.

So after a few more minutes of good sucking. He told me to get up on the level and get on my hands and knees. I pulled my Jeans down and he put the condom I brought on and some lube in my ass. Then he stuck one finger in and told me to arch my back and put my face on the floor. the floor was cold and hard as he shoved his fingers deep in my ass, moving them around trying to open it up. I moaned. It felt great. Then he went to put his dick in. He couldn't get hard enough to shove it in my tight little virgin ass. He tried several times but to no avail. So he stood back and told me to finger myself while he watched and jerked off. After a few moments he told me to stand up and he shoved me against the wall and shoved two fingers up my ass, I could feel his black dick against by thigh as he whispered "You like that huh?" and he smacked my ass. Then he told me to lay down. So I laid under him as he took the condom off and tossed it on the floor. then he kneeled over me and I sucked his balls as he jerked off. We did this for a few minutes as the sweat built over our bodies. Then we got back into the original position on the stairwell and I began sucking him again, very sloppy. spit all over the place. I rubbed my face in it. I kissed his cock. `

My ass was open and my panties pulled down to my knees, anyone could have found us, and if it was the right person they could have penetrated me. I was so in the moment i wouldn't have noticed. Then I went down to his balls and put those in my mouth for the longest. I slid one of my fingers in his ass and he moaned and his feet kicked up. Then with his balls in my mouth I started licking his taint. After a few minutes of that I moved my tongue to his ass hole and let his balls go. I started shoving two fingers in and licking it. That went on for a few minutes, i was drenched in our sweat then finally he groaned "I"m gonna cum." so I jumped up and opened my mouth. He shoved his cock deep down and I felt the salty treat flow down my throat. Then we zipped up. I put my panties back up. Zipped everything together. My shirt was wet with sweat.

We went to the elevator. exited the building. He lit up a smoke and said "I hope you had fun" I said "Oh yes I did." then we went our separate ways.
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