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Post 2 Hour Domina visit Roleplay with consequence

sorry for error of all kinds (grammar, punctuation et cetera). I wrote this peace in one setting, didn't think that it would be that long in the beginning^^ Also English is not my nativ tounge, so please have mercy

Short version at the End

First a little backstory, because this is about a girl i knew sine 2009. The girl in question back then was together with a good friend of mine. She was really special compared to other girls i know then, but that time i didn't spent much attention to her, we just started getting to know each other.

Also 2009 i started to struggle with depression, a few of my friends back then began to notice, but our circle of friends wasn't that much in to talking about feelings. It all was more of a shallow friendship we had back then so i had no one to talk about it or just to let them know how i feel.

I cant quite remember how i got to know her better, i think it was because i did a few activitys with the friend in question also we all set together on weekends in our club house.
Anyway somehow i got closer to her but i had no intention or feelings back then towards her, i just appreciated her being around and being there for me.

We got really close so in mid 2010 we had a strong friendship, we just understood each other also we phoned often talked about our feelings or how she had problems with her friend and so on. Simply we where there for each other. She helped me through a really deep phase of my depression and i'm so thankfull for that.
The problems began at the end of 2011 at that point i had strong feelings for her and i felt shitty that i had them, because my friend and her where still together and that felt wrong. It was also in this year i had a huge fight with him about something really stupid (not her) and it destroyed our friendship.
That was where i had nearly zero contact to her, of course she sticked with him and she said that i would feel wrong continue our friendship like it was behind his back.
In 2012 i moved away because of a job opportunity and thats where i lost all contact to her and to my old friends.

Fastforward to 2018, She is currently studying, single and i'm back in the area. I'm still obsessed of her, often think about her, never contact her because of the fear of rejection.

Today something overcame me i had the idea to go to a Domina to one purpose only, to show my old friend how fucked up i have become or something else don't really now.
Before today i never went to ar real Domina, just some normal hookers with light SM/Bondage stuff. But i wanted the whole experience.

Ive looked online phoned the domina and told her what i want to do, before i called her i thought, she must think iam crazy or just hang up.
But she was really into it and would gladly do it.

So the thing was that i had planed a roleplay where she has to torment me to get the name of the girl i secretly like and love. After that she forces her email address out of me just to send her the pictures of me being tormented.

I drove to the residence of the domina payed her and started with the fun. At the beginning i thought why i do this but that question faded quickly as she slapped me with full force in my face. Fuck that hurt, i think no one ever slapped me like that.
She asked me what her name is i refused. She then explained that if i don't tell her everything then she will punish and torture me till i break.
She put then a ball stretch device on me and tied my hands behind my back, every now and then she took pictures of me (if asked i can upload them somewhere if you want to see them)
And made me do 30 jumping jack with it, i really cant describe that feeling i had but i already started sweating. Every now and then she asked me for information which i didn't gave her at that point.

I had to get on my knees after the jumping jacks and start licking her shoes and feet meanwhile taking some pictures. Slapping me so often and hard that i had some tears in my eyes. The whole time i was leaking so much precum and was so horny and nervous as fuck.
After getting her shoes clean she left the room and i had to wait for a few minutes.
She entered the room again but i wasnt allowedto turn around or look.
So i waited and stared straight forward, till she hit me with her strapon in the face yelling at me i should suck it or tell her the fucking name.

I said nothing and started sucking that strapon and instantly she hit me again in the face with her flat hand, yelling that she wants an answer, i said no, next slap harder as before, NO what? No, mistress. She made me suck it so deep i nearly vomited, never took anything sex toy related that deep in my mouth nor deep throat.

After more yelling and slapping and sucking i had to stand up again and follow her to the door, where she tied me against it and locked it, so i could not escape.
She put on a device which i only had seen in some porn SM clips a so called electromyostimulation EMS and she asked me if i ever had touched a electrified fencing, which i did (countryside boy ) and though really fuck if that pinches like the fences i touched as a kid, then fuck me.

She setup everything, then connected the cable to the belty thing around my cock and balls and started it.
I felt nothing, she asked me if i feel anything which i did deny, she said good.
She came as close as she could to me and looked deep into my eyes and started fondling gently with my nipples.
From one moment to another i felt a fucking heavy tweak in my balls and dick, she got a really creepy glance in her eyes and twisted my nipples so fucking hard i thought she will rip them of or i pass out, at the same moment she twisted my nipples the electric shock came again.
I lost control of my bladder and just peed, just like somebody flipped a switch, i couldn't stop but pee and squirm in pain and pleasure.

She just continued to twist them, i wriggled so she would stop, then she looked at me and said, are you hungry, of course you are.
She went to her trash bin opened it, but i couldn't see what it was, till it was nearly to late, she just came over her hand covered and stuffed something fast in my mouth, the smell the taste, i nearly puked.
She then just replys to my coughing, that she asked me at the beginning if i like cum, and i dumbfuck said yes but didn't specify that i only like my own cum.
So she just stuffed a old rubber from her previous customers in my mouth, at that point i felt a little bit nauseous. The luck i had that it seemed not to dripping out of the condom yet, so she asked me to suck it out, i tried not to move and just grumble no without moving my tounge and the chance of spilling the rubber.

She just grabbed my nipples again, which by then still fucking hurt and still hurt 12 hours after that session, and twisted them insanly, because she knew i couldn't squirm or move without getting that really disgusting smelling cum into my mouth.
She really liked it i could saw it. Then she told me to hold still while she took a photo from me holding that rubber in my mouth.
After that she looked at me and said i should swallow it or tell at least the first letter of her name. That was where i told her, i couldn't bear the thought of swallowing the old cum of someone else, only the smell alone made me nearly puke.
Then it was a little bit creepy i mean really creepy, i told her the first letter and with her first guess she hit the right name.
I don't know if she looked in my address book of my phone, but there are multiple female names so it's nearly impossible, neither did i tell her anything besides how the roleplay should evolve.
Then she wanted more, her surename, her age, her email.

She took the rubber out of my mouth and put it aside, then ordered me to get on my knees and follow her crawling.
We reached the bathroom and there was some white stuff on the toilet seat, i thought not this again, she told me to eat it or tell her the informations she wanted. I refused both, she then pushed my head against the seat and used me like a towel to clean the white stuff.
The remains of the stuff where smeared in my face, then i was pushed down in to the toilet and flushed multiple times.
I then told her the age and she was pleased and i could finaly get out of the toilet.
I had to follow her again back where i should lay on the bed.
She forced me to burry my face in the bed and don't look, last chance to tell her the email. At the moment i refused she shoved a dildo right into my ass, tears where running down my face and i felt the precume dripping onto the blanket.

She pulled it out and shoved it right back in, i don't know how to describe it, it hurt, i got goosebumps on my whole body, my dick felt like it would explode.
She pulled it out again and asked me one more time, to tell her or i would learn how my ass feels exploding.
I don't remember at that point what i said it was just some mumble, but it must upset her because she grabbed my chin turned it so i looked at her and shoved the dildo from my ass into my mouth.

I wasnt prepared and it was so long the gag reflex hit and right after that i puked. She slapped me with that dildo and pushed my face into my puke.
I felt so numb, at that point i thought fuck it i give her the email but then a panic broke out a moment of clarity. What am i doing, she will send fucking pictures of me being humiliated and fucked to a girl i still deeply like and i don't know what she will think, or respond, or do with it.

Somehow i think she knew that i had second thoughts, she asked me something but i didn't hear what it was, i even dont know to that point what i said, anyhow she already tied my legs and grabed my arms and tried to tie them.
I tried to pull my arm away, but i was lying there on my stomach in a fucked up angle so she twisted my arm and snapped the lock on her ties.

I couldn't really see what she was doing behind my back only hear something vibrate. Then i felt her hand again on my ass and rubbing around my asshole, then something different was teasing my ass.
I then felt something big enter my backdoor and like a mechanism lock in place. She stuffed a huge vibrating buttplug in my ass, asked me of the email address, i said no way, then the buttplug got enlarged, it felt like i really had to shit, such and weird feeling. I tried to push it out because i nearly couldn't bear it anymore, she laughed at me saying there is no way that thing comes out of there unless i give her the email.

I refused again but this time she pumped twice as much as before, my whole body began to tickle, it felt like my ass is going to explode i got dizzy, i only could press my face down and moan like i never did before. She asked me again i stammered that i can't take it anymore, please. But i think we didn't made a safeword, because the information about the girl are the safewords. i couldn't think clear, what to do why i did this why am i hear, she asked again, then i broke, i told her the address, she wrote it down.

She came around, i was looking at her, she was smiling in a diabolic way, said she will now send the email and then be back for me for the last part. I thought it was over, what last part. As she walked by she just pumped one more time.
I didn't knew anymore what to do my whole body was shaking, it felt good but at the same time it hurt, i don't know who long did it take her to write and send the email.
She came back and started stroking my dick, the first touch alone felt so different as usual, like my whole cum was already in there just waiting to be let out.
The pressure was i enormous on my dick, balls, ass, felt like everywhere. Till the point everything went black for a second or more with an eruption and waves going through my whole body even my brain felt like it was tingeling. It felt like the longest orgasm i ever had, can't tell.

Her last action was to show me her hand with a huge puddle of cum, it looked like collected from multiple guys, i asked her if that's from the old rubber again, she said no, all yours honey.
She tied me loose so i could set straight up and poured her hand into my mouth, it tasted like never before and like some kind of freedom.

Now i'm sitting here writing the day down, think of it all again. I would say i would do this again, it was exactly that kind of what i want, being forced to do things you probably wouldn't do and just let it happen.

As for the email, she really sent it to her, 5 pics out of 17. So know i don't know what will happen, will she even arrive? The email i got from her is like 5 years old, it is the last contact information i have on her. Will she read it or just see the sender and the title of it and delete it. Will she take a look and then delete it. Will she contact me and ask me what the fuck im doing and what the fuck this is.
I think that's another part of it, what will happen.

Short Version
Knew a girl back in 2009-12 which helped me through a deep phase of depression. Lost contact after i moved away in 2012. Still think often about her, or let's say i'm a little bit obsessed of her. Flashforward 2018 my high time of my kink phase and generally, my just fuck it and do it phase. Going to a Domina with the intention of a Roleplay in which the Domina takes picture while i'm being tormented for information about a girl i secretly love. Like Name, Age, Surname, emai laddress. After the domina gets the information she will send an email to her with the taken pictures.
Now email is delivered and i wait for something to happen or nothing at all.

If pictures are desired i can upload them somewhere.

Would like to know what you think about all that.

INB4: See a doctor/shrink <- i know but the problem is to find a good one around my area.

sorry again for error of all kinds (grammar, punctuation et cetera). I wrote this peace in one setting, didn't think that it would be that long in the beginning^^ Also English is not my nativ tounge, so please have mercy
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NOPE: Blood, CBT, ,Illegal stuff, permanent, family, stuff with needles,

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