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Old 01-05-2018, 10:13 PM
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Default (AU) Sydney: M/Slave/19 seeks F/Dom/All ages ~ M/Slave/19 seeks F/Dom/any

19 year old slave male seeking a dominant female of any age

Hey, So I am from the Sydney area, I can travel though to where ever I need to be, and I want to serve. I want to be a slave.

My deepest fantasy is (its just an old fantasy I have I know it won't be true, but its so you get to know me)

I sometimes fantasise about being kidnapped, from a group of people, and they make sure that my parents and basically everyone that knows me somehow doesn't get worried that I'm gone. And they make me their bitch literally. They make me a girl firstly, they like superglue breasts in, make sure I have the pain of periods once a month and all those feminine stuff. and they make me a girl and make me do whatever they want. and then the 2nd part of bitch the dog part I am theres, I am full loyal but I have to do stuff like a dog and act like a dog when there is no tasks left for me to complete, and obvly for like toilet I have diapers on.

Thats like an old fantasy I have but that will make you no about me. Just give me a try and maybe we might figure something out
  • Kinks:
Pet play (being your bitch)
Anything feminie
  • Experience:
I am still new to this, but I will not let you down
  • Limits:
My limits is anal, and so far I think that is the only one
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