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Old 03-12-2018, 05:13 AM
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Default Female Submissive wanted

So I am looking for a FEMALE slave, hucow (big plus if you can lactate), or sub to serve me. Any age is welcome to apply wether you are older or younger . Short term or long term is acceptable and can be discussed. I personally am looking for a long term sub to build a d/s relationship with. Im very easy to get along with and talk to. You will find Iím into most everything but I'm a strict dominant and expect you to do as i say or be punished. I will always respect your limits and I wonít push them unless that is something you want.

Now If you are new to being a slave and nervous but want to explore being submissive I can train you at the pace you want to go. the fewer the limits you have the better. I want a slutty Slave that likes being dirty to please me. If i have an obedient slave i wouldnt mind buying them toys or anything. preferably looking for something over kik but if we end up wanting to meet i am up for that. Iím located in Virginia. Honestly really would like to be able to date a submissive irl and not just dom one online.

So I have been a dom for 6 years now. I have had a lot of subs and plenty of experience. I am 6 foot tall 145 lbs and in shape with abs and v lines. Iím pretty hung/thick honestly. If you obey me Iíd love to spoil you with some pictures or videos as I feel thatís fair to show you myself. Yes I am real and I can prove it with a live picture.

Heres just a glimps of some of the things i am into: older slaves, you get slaves, daily tasks, wax, pain, degredation, Anal, Orgasm Denial, Humiliation, Bondage, squirting, cloth control, Blindfolds, Bodywriting, public anal plugging, Insertions, flashing, public tasks, Pantie stuffing, plugging, public, Enemas, Exhibition, tit bondage, edging, gagging, throat fucking, hidden public, nipple tit and pussy torture, edging, pee play, wetting, ice, milking,spanking, wedgies, nipple clamps, wet T-shirtís, exposing, lactation, insertions, fisting, honestly pretty much anything. Honestly the only things i dont like are blood, needles, permanent harm, maybe scat, family or friend stuff, illegal or anything gruesome. Iím honestly into just about everything so even if I donít have something listed on here I bet you I will love it.

General Requirements for my slave:
Willing to serve
Can keep a conversation not just be short
Pictures Of Tasks/Punishments Given (Face Optional)
Videos Of Tasks/Punishments Given are optional you don't have to send videos(Face Optional)

Of course failure to complete task/request, backtalking, and disrespect will result in punishment.
Compliance will inevitably bring reward.

If you read my ad and wish to serve me please message the answers on kik to imcorrupted with a picture of yourself.
You do not have to but it helps me out a bit.

What do you wish to be called?:
What is you're age?:
Where are you from?:
What is you're lifestyle orientation?(sub, slave, pet, hucow, other):
Why should I accept you as a sub/slave ect.?:
Do you own a camera of any kind?:
Do you have any issue's using the device?:
What are you're likes, dislikes, curiosity's and limits?:
Toys (if any):
Breast size:
What times you are available:
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