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Old 01-23-2014, 01:36 PM
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Default Ideas for my slave girl

My slave girl and I will be going to a hotel room for a night and she has told me limits are out the door. She wants to be heavily abused physically and mentally, and I have some ideas but also want some more. If anybody has any ideas of ways to use her, let me know and I will respond with how they went (along with pictures).

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Old 01-23-2014, 02:38 PM
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once you are in the room blindfold her and cut her clothes off, start with her top then roll a dice if you roll evens it is something from the top and odds from below her waist. if there is nothing else to come off begin to bind her... keep going rolling the dice.. tell her everytime she compains or makes a noise you will do something more drastic to her.. tell her there is nothing that she can do to stop you.... whispoer in her ear all the time.. tell her what a slut slave she is..... if she isn't shaven then do it yourself.... keep her in the dark the whole time and don't forget to apply the worst torture of all then one where you do nothing.... you keep perfeectly still.. you open and shut the door to the room.. actually leave it at some points so when she is calling your name thinking you are there you actually have left her.... keep her in blindfold until you are bored.. tehn take it off and let her see some of the tortures and games syou have in mind... take some very large items with you to use in or on her....
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Old 01-23-2014, 07:40 PM
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streak the corridor in the buff

take a ride in the elevator nude

stand nude before the window and press her breasts against it while masturbating herself.

Bind her breast then take her out for dinner.
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Old 01-23-2014, 07:44 PM
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Take a rope tie it to one end of room, or tree or similar. Tie a knot about every 12-18”. Tie the other end so it is just a slight bit above your pussy while you are on your tip toes. Put icy hot on each knot. Now if you have handcuffs and nipple clamp, get them. Straddle the rope; spread those pussy lips over the rope. Now put on the nip clips (under rope adds a nice twist) and the handcuffs. Now up and back is 1 time. Do this 5 times. My thoughts are outdoors are better. It also will add a bit if the nip chain is below the rope.
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abuse, bdsm, ideas, no limits punishment, submission

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