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Default Sissy Slut Used by Mistress

We were ready to go out to run some errands, when Mistress addressed me. *"Plans are canceled. I want to bang a hooker: get dresse for me".*No sooner said than done, I was getting naked, opening my sissy suitcase. I put on a pretty panty, black stockings, a miniskirt and my high heels. Mistress was nice and gave me a top she doesn't use anymore because I don't have any of my own yet. She also let me use one of her lipstick to be more pretty. I then put on a slutty pink wig and I was ready. Perfect sissy slut for my Mistress.

Real sissy slut for the first time

I went out and knocked on the door, waiting for my first ever client. Mistress opened the door. She took her time to look at me from top to bottom. She asked my name, inviting me in.* "I don't have one yet, it's my first time". It was going to be Cristal, she said. After a little discussion, she invited me to her bedroom. She lied down on the bed and asked me to lean against the wall. *"You're a sissy slut. I'm paying for this service, so you'd better do everything I say". I nodded, accepting her will. She made me pose, dance, tease her, seduce her.

After a while, she put on her strapon. I started getting hard in my panty. She asked me to the bed. I gently went between her legs, on my four, and she guided my head to her black cock. My mouth opened, completely out of my control, and Mistress gently slid her cock inside. I slurped and sucked it for ten good minutes. Mistress then grabbed the back of my head and pushed it down. I felt her cock go deeper inside my mouth, and then my throat. I gagged, and again. But Mistress didn't care. She kept pushing her cock deep inside my throat, until she heard a strong gagging sound and saw a river of saliva drooling down her cock.

Cock cleaning whore

"Clean my cock, sissy slut!". No need to ask me twice: I licked it all clean before she asked me to suck it again. And again, she grabbed my head and pushes it down. This time, not only do I gag, not only do I drool, but I also puked a little on Mistress hard cock. "Clean, again!". I refuse, and express it by not moving. "Clean, slut! I paid you to have some fun, not to get puked on! Clean now, or you gonna get some long chastity time and strong punishment!!". I get scared, put my pride aside, and pull out my tongue to clean my own vomit. As it's gooey, licking is not enough, and I have to suck and slurp everything back in, before Mistress grabs my head yet again and fucks my mouth and throat for the last time.

After that, Mistress put me on my four, facing her, and fucked the hell out of me. My throat being still sore, I was happy she decided to take care of my boipussy now. She fucked me for a goof half hour, then made me ride her: my favorite position. What a great reward from Mistress. As I was riding her, Mistress allowed me to cum. A strong explosion, and I forget my painful throat.

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