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Default Bondage Fantasies: Jasmine and Marc (Part One)

Jasmine was feeling pretty low about herself. She had a really rough week at work, draining physically, mentally and emotionally.

Jasmine was the type of women that every man wanted. She was lusted over by all who saw her. She was classically beautiful, with a body to be envied by all. She was a hard worker and too very good care of her figure and look. It was important to her, not in a vain way, but she liked the attention. She was very sexually liberal and wasn’t ashamed of it. She loved being lusted over. That was her biggest turn-on.

Jasmine had caught the eye of the new intern, Marc, down at the office. She had caught him staring, looking, and peeking at her. She didn’t mind, not in the slightest. Marc was a good looking, younger man, new to the work force.

"He has potential," she thought, "perhaps ill show him a thing or two..."

Jasmine became quite flirty with Marc over the next few weeks, but only in the most ladylike of fashions, Jasmine was certainly not old-school when it came to courting, but she did except to be chased somewhat. She was never big on playing games, she always knew what she wanted and she usually got it, one way or another.

But Marc was less interested in Jasmine then Jasmine liked. He seemed quite comfortable talking with her until she began to flirt with a purpose. She would bat her eyes at Marc, throw him looks across the office, Marc would smile and a real chemistry seemed to be blossoming on the surface.
But Marc suddenly seemed shy, and quiet, not that he was all that talkative to begin with, but Jasmine suddenly had trouble keeping his gaze fixed upon her. She technically wasn’t his "boss" so she had very few excuses to interact with him at the workplace without it being somewhat suspect. So her interactions with him needed to appear to be professional.

But Jasmine wanted Marc, she wanted him badly, and she was determined to get him.

“I guess I will have to work a bit harder to impress him” she thought.
“He’s in for a real treat…”

Jasmine decided to pull all the stops out, she was going to wear her short black mini skirt, which was too short for the office but she didn’t care. She was going to have Marc. She had overheard some co-workers giving Marc a hard time about his foot fetish a week or so ago so she booked a pedicure. Bright red nail polish on her sexy toes so Marc could see them from a mile away. She had always been complimented on her feet so she felt quite confident that this would do the trick. As with the manicured feet, she also wore her fishnet stocking, which only went slightly higher up her thigh than that skirt could cover. In the event she crossed her legs or bent down to pick something up, she would be showing skin to say the least. She decided to go without underwear as well, the skirt was so tight that even the smallest little cloth would show. She wore a blouse that matched her nail polish and was quite low cut, revealing, at a certain angle, her black see-through bra, or at least the top portion;

"Wouldn’t want to show too much now would we....." she said to herself.

She looked her sexy body over, all done up, in the mirror. She had just put the final touches on her long blonde hair and it flowed with every movement she made.

She began rubbing her chest, she liked the way the blouse felt on her body, she touched her hips and inner thighs, the skirt was so tight against her skin, and the stockings. She rubbed up and down her legs and feet. She became very aroused.... she was starting to become quite wet at this point. She considered pulling out one of her plugs and a vibe, maybe having a quick one....

"No i should save my orgasms for this evening" she thought.
"Once Marc sees me like this he won’t have any choice but to swing by tonight."

She put on her favorite pair of jet black high heels with a wide open toe. Her toes easily visible in bright red contrast to the black heels, she felt confident and ready for the day.

She strutted through the office turning every head in the building. Jasmine was good like that, this was fairly routine most days, but today was different. She felt so alive, so sexually free and excited, she could hardly contain herself, and then she noticed Marc.

He was full on staring at Jasmine, frozen in his gaze at her absolutely stunning performance.

"Hi Marc.." Jasmine said throwing in a wink at the end.

Marc remained frozen.

Jasmine figured she had nailed it and soon Marc would be stopping by so she made herself comfortable at her desk, put her heels up on the desk, in case he wanted to see her sexy feet from a distance.

An hour passes, no Marc.

Then another....

And another....

"What is he doing?" She thought

Another hour.....

Jasmine was starting to get genuinely upset with Marc.

"Who does this little shit think he is!? I give him an open invitation and he can’t bother to even respond!?" She thought.

Now she was full on angry.
She was going to march over to that little shit's desk, in the heels that were killing her feet, the heels she wore for HIM. She was making herself angrier with every painful step she took towards his desk.

But Marc wasn’t there.

Co-workers told her that he had left early this morning and didn’t say why.

Feeling defeated and humbled severely, Jasmine headed home, hanging her head low.

She returned to her apartment at the end of the block in a quiet part of town. She walked in, kicked off those dreadful heels, which had now become her least favorite, poured a glass of red and plopped down on her over-sized comfy chair in her living room. She began to feel sad and lonely as she sipped her wine and rubbed her sore feet.

"Fuck him" she said out loud.

"No..." a voice said.

Jasmine's eyes widened....

"Fuck YOU!"

A large strong hand came clamping down over her mouth and pushed her head into the back of the chair. She threw her glass of wine in fright as she looked up with her doll eyes and saw a man wearing a black mask standing over her.

Her first thought was to scream but all she could muster was a weak, frightened "mmmmmppphh!"

Before she knew what had just happened she had been thrown to the ground, hand still firmly placed over her mouth.

Her hands were pulled behind her back as the intruder sat on her arms to hold them in place.

The hand was removed only for a second and before one peep could be made Jasmine felt a cloth of some kind being stuffed into her mouth.

Her eyes widened with surprise and pain. The gag insertion was not gentle.

With one hand the intruder squeezed Jasmine's wrists together as he reached for something she couldn’t see.

Jasmine frantically began screaming and squirming but this quickly was doing no good.

She could feel a rope being looped around her wrists, around and around and around, the speed at which it was going around seemed unbelievable to Jasmine.

With her wrists secure the intruder flipped Jasmine over aggressively and pulled out a silver roll of duct tape. In an instant he had pulled a strip as long as his arms could reach, pressed one end to Jasmine's frightened mouth, and wrapped around her head a good 5 times.

Jasmine lay there bound and gagged as the intruder stood over her, physically letting jasmine know with his posture that he was in control and leaving no doubt of his dominance.

Jasmine, in a move of fear, kicked at the intruder, hitting him just above the knee. He took one step back to catch his balance and jasmine scurried to get to her feet. She made it to her knees barely before the intruder calmly walked up and grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling her head up to look at him.

"Now, now.... "In a creepily calm voice, "let’s not do that again. I don’t think you want to make me angry do you?"


"DO YOU!?" He yelled into her face.

She gestured "no" with a single tear rolling down her face.

"Good" he said.

"Now shall we head upstairs?"

The intruder pulled Jasmine up by her blonde hair, her eyes squinting with pain, and she got to her feet. The intruder stood patiently behind her, waiting for her to lead him up the stairs it would seem. Jasmine didn’t know what to do other than head up the stairs in a slow, dreadful manor. She felt his hand grab around the back of her neck, hurrying her up the stairs at a greater pace.

Once at the top of the stairs she tried to run. She didn’t know where she was going to run to, all she could think to do was to get away any way possible. The intruder quickly grabbed her, turned her around, and led her to her bedroom. He pushed her down onto the bed. She tried to sit up and was thrown back down onto the bed, the intruder rolled her over onto her stomach, and gave her a very painful *SMACK* on the left cheek of her bottom.

“MMMMMMMMMPHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!” She cried!

*SMACK* on the right cheek.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPHHHHHHHH!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!” She screamed into her gag.

“I thought I told you not to try any of that again? Yes?” He said.

Jasmine nodded apologetically.

*SMACK* *SMACK* *SMACK* on both cheeks.


Jasmine lay there, in pain, tender from the spanking, her cheeks most likely as read as her nails and shirt. She could feel her bottom swelling and her mini skirt was getting tighter on her body as time went on.

The intruder pushed Jasmine over on her back and looked her over, head to her sweet sexy toes, he seemed to be focused on those, he was breathing a bit heavily, either from excitement or from tiring himself from the spanking.

He calmly pulled out another length of rope from his jacket and began binding her feet. Jasmine felt so beaten physically and emotionally that she could barely muster a defense. He secured her feet and sat beside her on the bed. Jasmine was unsure of what was to happen next.

The intruder calmly said, “Ive been watching you, watching and waiting…”

Jasmine’s eyes grew, her heart sank and then began to race. She truly felt in danger at this point.

The intruder said “you probably thought I wasn’t capable of this did you?”

Jasmine seemed puzzled. Confused.

“I saw you today and I finally couldn’t contain myself, you see, ive wanted this since I first saw you.” He said.

At that moment the intruder removed his mask.

To Jasmine’s absolute amazement the intruder was MARC!

She felt a glimmer of relief at the sight of his boyish good looks, somewhat easing her predicament.

She pleaded for him to release her through her gag, instead, he rolled her over once again and bent her knees to have her feet near his chest.

She began angrily thrashing and yelling hoping he would free her.

*SMACK* *SMACK* “Should I go back to that again!?” He said.


“Ok” said Marc.

He began rubbing her soft soles, touching her toes, tickling the tops of her feet. Jasmine was extremely ticklish which he found out that very instant.

Marc chuckled, thinking to himself how that could come in handy later.

He ran his hands all over Jasmine’s helpless body, feeling the stockings up and down her gorgeous, toned legs, grabbed her ass hard with both hands, then gently releasing and rubbing her to relieve the pain sensation.

Marc rolled Jasmine over onto her back once again and with both hands ripped open her blouse in one move, arms fully flexed, he tore her blouse away like it was paper.

Jasmine lay there, breasts half exposed due to her see-through bra.

“My My!” Marc exclaimed.
“You have a fantastic body! I can’t wait to explore it!” He said.

Jasmine was certainly no novice in the bedroom, but this was at the furthest edge of her sexual comfort zone, and surprisingly to her, she was starting to feel aroused. It frightened her that Marc would see that, she was afraid to show that she was enjoying this because deep down she really was not…… or was she? She couldn’t worry about that at the moment, she had just realized she left her little box of toys out from earlier in the morning and was horrified Marc would find them only a few feet from the bed.

Marc then gently removed Jasmine’s bra, exposing her completely. Jasmine felt ashamed, looked down and away from him, trying to cover herself. Marc pushed her back flat on her back and pulled a small marker out of his pocket and gently wrote: I BELONG TO MARC on Jasmine’s chest with arrows pointing to the nipples. Marc found this amusing, he sat Jasmine up and showed her in the mirror. He then pulled off her skirt with the same vigor he had with her blouse. Then he tore away her stockings up to her ankles. He pushed her back onto the bed, face up and held her feet in his hands in front of his face and began sucking on her toes and kissing her soles.

Jasmine squirmed as the sensation was slightly ticklish, but it turned out to feel incredibly good, she was enjoying the sensation. She hated herself for enjoying her predicament, but she couldn’t help it. She began to fantasize about what would come next, how he would take her, how long this could last. The excitement had fully aroused her and she let out a subtle moan:


Jasmine’s eyes grew wide again! She hadn’t meant to do that.

“Did Marc hear that!?” She thought to herself.

She looked up at him and he was smiling.
Marc then used his teeth to rip off the rest of the stockings covering her feet and she was completely nude. He ran his hand down Jasmine’s inner thigh. Her heart began to race like it never had before. He ran his hand up to her wet, juicy pussy and Jasmine let out an even greater “MMMMMmmmmmmmmm”.

Marc replied, “You dirty slut! You are actually enjoying this aren’t you!?”

Jasmine made no sound.

Marc threw Jasmine over onto her chest, and roped her ankles to her hands and stood back to marvel at his accomplishment. At that moment his foot struck the toy box Jasmine feared he wouldn’t find.

“Whoa!?” Marc said, “this is going to be more fun than I thought it would, maybe I should grab a few more things if we are going to spend the weekend together….”

“THE WEEKEND!!!????” Jasmine thought.

Marc rolled Jasmine to her side and placed one of her bullet vibrators on her clit and took a strip of duct tape and secured it in place.

“I’ll be back shortly, you just sit back and relax.” He said.

Then Marc kissed Jasmine on her forehead and turned the vibrator on.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmphhhhhhhh” Jasmine moaned as Marc left the room.
Marc turned back and said “Don’t waste all your energy yet, you’re going to need it.”

To Be Continued...........?????
Let me know what you think!
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Interesting start. Keep it coming!
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