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Default Conditioning of a Scat Slave - Part 1: Claudia's New Desires

With a lot of time to dwell on a recently failed relationship and love-life with little direction, Claudia inadvertently falls into perversions of scat persuasion. While allowing herself to get carried away in her newfound dark fetish, she finds her limits challenged when she reaches out into the scat world for someone to help fulfill her fantasy.

Part 1 – Claudia’s New Desires

Claudia interrupted the bouts of butterflies in her stomach by routinely checking Google Maps every 30 seconds or so. Of course no one other than Claudia herself knew that she was on her way to her first ever scat date. No one but Claudia knew of her dark fetish. She hadn’t the appearance, nor the demeanor of anyone who was anything other than vanilla. Unable to even get past the shame and embarrassment and confide in her sister; the only person who knew everything about her. Everything but.

Naturally, no one had ever suggested or suspected anything obscure of Claudia’s private life. Although her friends and family were worried about the distinct absence of dating activity, they just presumed Claudia had retreated back into the shy and timid girl she was before her last relationship. This was true to an extent. Her lack of self-confidence presented her with frequent issues regarding confrontation in her day-to-day life, particularly at work; where speaking and defending herself was affecting her career. All issues that Claudia had identified, yet had no idea how to solve.

As she looked out of the bus at the passing English countryside, she started reflecting on her journey to here and now. It was actually three years to the day yesterday that Claudia’s boyfriend Thomas had broken up with her and subsequently moved out. During that time, Claudia believes she was presented with a serendipitous opportunity to find herself. A time she filled alone in experimentation and research. In summation, she took a leap of faith into previously un-thought-of desires.

Thomas had left behind a batch of unwanted belongings that Claudia was cleaning out one day. She stumbled on his old emergency lap top; he had always used a newer model from before he even moved with her. She couldn’t remember him ever using it and wasn’t surprised by its abandonment. Needing a laptop and being short on cash, she powered it up to see if it was usable. Was a touch slow, but worked fine. There was no password security so Claudia figured she’d use Thomas’ user profile.

Like all good ex-girlfriends, Claudia couldn’t resist the temptation to survey Thomas’ browser history.
“Wonder what dirty shit you’ve been watching,” she joked. No surprise in finding the odd porn site then, “Youporn? What an unoriginal name,” she scoffed. The title of Hardcore BDSM piqued her interest.
“You perverted little shit!” she chuckled. Claudia had a cheeky skim through some whipping and hot wax videos before dropping down the categories list.
“What the Hell is scat?” she inquired. A few curious clicks later she found herself disgusted. Not in the content, but in her arousal; before shamefully slamming the laptop closed.
“What the fuck is wrong with me?” she asked herself. “I really need to start dating again.” A suggestion that would be in vain, as the next day at work it was all that she could think about. Unproductively fantasizing and making herself moist at every thought. She recalled pooping in her pants when she was a young girl and how confused she felt by it.

Something had unlocked inside her. Now her spare time was often spent masturbating to videos of girls being shit on. The submissive worthlessness she imagined them feeling gave her the most rupturing orgasms. Abdicating all control to serve no purpose other than to be humiliated for someone else’s pleasure. It felt strangely liberating and it was something she yearned to feel.

It was only a matter of time before Claudia began experimenting with her own poop. At first she would lie on her back in the bath while holding up some of her fresh waste, and then letting it fall onto her chest; imagining someone was shitting on her. Eventually, she graduated to smearing onto her face and enjoyed the rush she felt from being so disgusting. Some days at work she would refrain from using the bathroom for as long as possible, saving it up so that she could rush home to a humungous pile.

Claudia continued to refine her fetish. Shit that was a little soft was her favorite. It smeared much nicer than shit that was too hard, so Claudia made sure she upped her water intake to keep her excrement soft. By now she was even slowly pushing shit into her mouth. She’d shit on a plate and press her lips to the edge before letting it slide into her waiting mouth; rimming the plate and pretending it was someone’s asshole releasing a load. She was always careful not swallow though. Claudia had done her research and knew of the health risks. She was smart and calculated; normally.

At 28 and with not much going right in her life, Claudia decided she deserved some (guilty) pleasurable reward and that meant uncaging her inner submissive. For her first ever scat meet-up, she carefully picked a reputable website to subscribe to and took her time finding the right ad. She wasn’t a lesbian, but she wanted the ‘safety’ of a woman. In any case, this didn’t feel like sex to her so gender was irrelevant. Claudia also looked for experience, someone who could offer tutelage, so when she glanced at Mistress Eva’s ad for a toilet slave, all the boxes (appeared) to have checks in them.

“Experienced Mistress Seeking Toilet Slave,” read Claudia. “To serve me as I see fit,” wonderful she thought. “England’s leading scat Mistress,” perfect! “Prepare to be broken in under my domination.” The last line scared her a little, but also served to hype the adrenaline a little more. The excitement of the buildup was like nothing she’d felt before. Despite feeling a sense of succumbing to reckless abandon, she decided life was too short to suppress her desires.

Mistress Eva’s first reply was precise and to the point. “Experience? Are you available July 7?”

Claudia replied with, “Yes and yes.” The first ‘yes’ felt like a lie, but the question was vague. Did she mean experience with scat or experience playing with others? Worried she’d be rejected, she opted for her preferred interpretation only to realize that what she’d written on her profile contradicted her answer. To her surprise and feverish excitement, she received a reply. A handful of succinct exchanges later and it was a date. It was really happening. Claudia felt unprecedented adrenaline at the sheer idea it.
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