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Default Conditioning of a Scat Slave - Part 3: Claudia Gets Put in Her Place

Part 3 – Claudia Gets Put in Her Place

Eventually Claudia was taken out to a large barn behind the house, it was spacious enough inside to house about 8 cows at the far end. The smell in there was putrid as a result, but in the grand scheme of things she was about to be shit on, she hoped, by the Mistress.

Claudia was ushered to a steel trough, the kind farm animals feed and drink out of, but this one had clearly been customized. That was glaringly obvious by the retractable toilet seat fixed to one end. Inside she could see a pair of wrist/ankle clamps and some brackets with accompanying bolts welded to the floor. There were also 2 steel bars welded to the floor around the head area. They were short, but looked retractable; with a pin that could lock in a desired height, like much smaller versions of the stands mechanics use under a car with the wheels removed. Claudia was a little nervous about what some of these additions were for.

Small spots of rust and stains on the trough’s steel betrayed a previous usage. It also tilted downward the head. Claudia guessed it was so any feces and urine would flow down toward the slave’s head.
“Clever,” she thought. Clearly this was where she would be secured and she was uncomfortable. Claudia had assumed that she would be made to lie in a bathtub with the freedom to move if necessary. A little naïve now that she thought about it, considering she replied to an ad for a toilet ‘slave’.

“What?” asked the Mistress as though she’d read Claudia’s mind.
“Did you think you would get the privilege of being inside my house? You really are a dumb little cunt, aren’t you?”
Every time Claudia so much as invited the idea of speaking up, her courage was washed away by Mistress Eva and her timely words.
“Your place is here with the cows,” she confirmed.

Mistress Eva snatched the panties from Claudia’s mouth, slid them back on over the chastity belt and re-hooked them onto Claudia’s frilly suspenders. She then spun Claudia around and pulled her panties inward to display the moons of Claudia’s petite, well rounded ass cheeks. To ensure her cute behind remained on show, Mistress Eva tucked the panties in under the chastity belt.
“Aw, don’t you look fucking adorable! Don’t worry, soon you will literally be decorated as the worthless piece of shit that you are,” mocked the Mistress.

Claudia could tell the Mistress was having fun now as she shoved her into the trough; lying her face up, dressed as she was in her shoes, lingerie, and chastity belt. The trough was an iron mattress of ice against her back and exposed buttocks. Mistress Eva cradled Claudia’s head, resting it between the pair of retractable bars. Claudia was worried by many things, among them was the very plausible prospect of a long trip back to London wearing a torn dress and shit stained lingerie and her shoes. Her favorite shoes! These overwhelming and growing concerns left her paradoxically mute.

Meanwhile, Mistress Eva was lifting the toilet seat, temporarily, so she could begin clamping her subject. Claudia awkwardly tried to evade eye contact as her tormentor as she allowed the Mistress to cross and lock her slender wrists into steel clamps just above her head. With the activity being so close to her ears, Claudia could hear every clink, tighten, and lock with great clarity.

Mistress Eva disconnected and discarded the chain connected to Claudia’s collar and began pushing her neck down against the floor; shifting it up and down until it reached a desired location. The gyrating squeak of a turning bolt reminded Claudia of the screw holes at the back of her collar. Mistress Eva screwed both sides until the bolts could screw no more.
“There! Your wrists and neck shan’t be going anywhere in a hurry,” she said as she gave the last bolt its final bind. With the collar now bolted firmly to the trough, Claudia was starting to worry about the purpose of the 2 steel bars that stood erect beside her face. She could only just see them as they barely came level with her jawline.

The dedicated Mistress Eva continued clamping. Unlike the wrist clamps, that were welded, the ankle clamps were on chains, but Claudia’s legs needed to lunge out to reach them. The stretch and pull on her legs was also causing strain on her bolted and collared neck.
“That’s going to hurt after a while,” she thought.
Claudia was convinced the Mistress had mistaken her for an escape artist, as more chains appeared from nowhere.
“This is overkill. Even with one wrist clamp I wouldn’t be going anywhere,” she thought, but Mistress Eva wasn’t concerned about Claudia breaking free, wanted her bound in a specific way. Her arrangement was not without purpose. Just like the chains she tied around Claudia’s thighs, which spread open her dildo filled crotch a little. The chains were strong and inflexible, their tightness caved in to form an indented valley around the circumference of Claudia’s upper legs. The click and squeak of the toolbox opening was followed by the appearance of a nose hook. Claudia had seen one just like it in a Japanese video once. Grasping onto her nostrils and pulling them back, hard, under the navigation of Mistress Eva. She tied it down to a small ring behind Claudia’s head. Her gaping nostrils were now vulnerable to any dangers directly above.

Claudia watched in horror as the Mistress pulled one more thing out from her mysterious toolbox. An adjustable, metal dental gag. It too was customized with a small bracket welded at the far end of each handle.
“I’m going to help you open up those pouty little slut lips of yours, so that we can turn them into shit lips. In fact, that shall be your name. Shitlips the toilet slave,” she taunted, forcing the gag in between Shitlips’ lips. She could do nothing as her mouth obliged to the gag pushing in opposite directions. Mistress Eva stretched her painfully wide with the click of each adjustment. To Claudia it seemed like the clicks went on forever, but Mistress Eva was looking for a desired setting. Blind to Claudia, Mistress Eva was aligning and measuring.
“Your little gutter mouth spreads out just enough, these brackets should line up perfectly now.”

Claudia had no clue what she was talking about, she could only watch in terror as the secrets of her fate unraveled before her. Mistress Eva started tinkering beside Claudia’s ear. She could hear the amplified clicks of metal on metal. Mistress Eva was adjusting the height of the 2 bars beside her head. She fussed over the exact position of Claudia’s gagged mouth for a while, then gripped her firmly by the hair when she was satisfied. Claudia, still unable to see, felt the pressure of a bolt being threaded through the bracket attached to her dental gag. The process repeated on the other side until Claudia’s gag was now bolted to the steel bars in the trough; all while it rested in her mouth. As if not enough, Mistress Eva lowered the height of the bar even more, so that the gag pinned Claudia’s face down hard against the trough floor.
Claudia let out a cumbersome “Aaaah!” as Mistress Eva pushed down hard on the gag to take it down one more length. Click, went the last retraction and Mistress Eva inserted the steel pin to lock it in place.
“Now I’ve got those sweet little shit lips exactly where I want them,” smiled Mistress Eva.
Along with her bolted down collar, Claudia was completely immovable from the neck up. She couldn’t roll or nod her head. A rush of panic strew through her.

The gag had another special facility, a metal lip that protruded deep into the mouth and over the tongue; pinning it to the floor of the mouth. Claudia hadn’t noticed it as it went in, but she could feel it. It like a small grill was pressing her tongue down and it did so effectively. Claudia had anticipated the probability of having shit in her mouth, but she didn’t think she’d be gagged. There was more panic and deep breaths from Claudia at the idea of not being able to push any shit out of her mouth with her tongue. Swallowing was her hard limit, but she couldn’t exactly communicate that now while gagged. Claudia pulled her tongue back towards her throat in an attempt to get it over the grill, but coughed and gagged.
“Don’t you fucking dare, Shitlips!” screamed Mistress Eva. “Why do you think I bolted it down so deep? You stupid bitch!”

“How the fuck did I let it get to this? Why didn’t I just speak up earlier?” thought Claudia, furious with herself. She tried giving a little moan in a meek attempt to get Mistress Eva’s attention, but she was quickly dismissed.
“Keep quiet Shitlips, that throat of yours is nothing more than a sewerage system now.”
If Claudia was out of her comfort zone before, she was losing all control of the situation now.
“Almost done Shitlips,” assured Mistress Eva as she took back her nipple clamps. “Don’t want to get these dirty now, do we? Maybe later, we’ll see.”
Claudia’s nipples shone like bright swollen buoys upon her twin peaks. She was absolutely fixed in place now. Her luscious lips spread to their limits and everything within offered (in sacrifice) to the Gods above, while she lay in the depths of purgatory below.
Mistress Eva finished off her calculated masterpiece by taking a thick marker and writing on Claudia’s cleavage who was obviously oblivious to what it said, but she imagined it was some humiliating vitriol.

Mistress Eva kindly read it to her:

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