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Default Conditioning of a Scat Slave - Part 5: Come on in

Part 5: Come on in

By this point it wasn’t any consolation that the first shit Claudia had received was from a woman. At the end what difference would it make? However, the woman’s shit was moist and soft in texture, just as she preferred. Its properties reminded her of her own stool. If this was the extent of her session she would have been delighted. Claudia remembered the dildo in her pussy and felt a wet gush, with a hot flush reminding her of her fantasies about being degraded.

Deciding to enjoy the moment, she began to writhe and moan in pleasure against the piss soaked floor, trying hard to create friction with the dildo lodged deep inside. Inside her anal passage the mixture of her own runny fecal liquid and the rippled anal plug was inspiring unprecedented arousal. She pressed her chastity belt down against the floor with her pelvis, and began rocking it back and forth. The double penetration, diarrhea seeping from her chastity belt, soaked in piss, shit in her mouth; she was unexpectedly on the cusp of coming. So consumed by it all, she didn’t hear Mistress Eva coming in with another guest. With her eyes closed she didn’t realize the 2 of them were watching over her. Mistress Eva eventually chimed in to put an end to her short-lived fun.

“My, my, look at you. Haven’t you come a long way you filthy little parasite. I don’t believe I said you were allowed to enjoy yourself?”
Claudia jolted with fright.
“Shitlips, Meet Master Klaus. Master Klaus, Shitlips. Master Klaus doesn’t need to shit right now, but he has another gift for you.”
Master Klaus, a tall fair-haired man, dropped his trousers and began masturbating above Claudia’s face as the Mistress continued her commentary. “Master Klaus is renown in our circles for having abnormally huge loads of sperm.”

This night was full of endless surprises. Again, Claudia could nothing but stare up at the generously endowed cock that was being wanked above her face. The temptation of Claudia’s elongated nostrils proved too great for Master Klaus. He wiped his tip up and down them and Claudia received the strong scent of his manhood. Although she couldn’t see the glisten of pre-cum, she certainly felt it on the rims of her nostrils and the tip of her nose. Mistress Eva hurried Master Klaus along by fondling his testicles and it wasn’t after that Klaus leaned his pelvis down towards Claudia’s already shitty mouth. A quick spray shot out and streaked diagonally across Claudia’s face and even into her hair. Substantial enough amount that she could feel its warmth, but Klaus wasn’t anywhere near finished.

Another generous squirt streamed straight down into her mouth with enough force that she felt it land on the previous woman’s shit. The next spray glazed the roof of her mouth. The flow kept going, another excited splash flashed up and over her left eye; making a little pool above her eyelid. She could see streaks of semen bridging over her eyelashes, threatening to fall in her eye. A sharp streak split right down the middle of her face. Running from her chin to bull’s-eye, it remained intact the entire way in between. It even stayed connected over Claudia’s mouth, she could feel it dangling from her bottom lip to her top teeth; like an old rope bridge. It continued up over her nostrils and Claudia’s breathing could only prevent about half of it from seeping down; it felt stickiest there than anywhere else.

Master Klaus bowed out with one last dollop in her mouth which Claudia could sense trickling down to the entrance of her throat. As she gargled Claudia tried breathing deeply in an attempt to prevent swallowing, but she slightly dislodged some of the shit; shifting it precariously close to her throat.
“Careful now,” smirked Master Klaus, enjoying the fact Claudia was struggling with her predicament. The climate inside Claudia’s mouth was heavy with the stench of excrement and the mist of semen. Her careful breaths now rich with their flavor.

Klaus was now done ejaculating and under the instructions of Mistress Eva, he signed off by peeing over Claudia’s legs and feet; leaving all of her undergarments drenched in the urine of strangers.
“We don’t want anyone’s piss to wash the putridness off your face, do we Shitlips? Explained the Mistress. “And let’s be honest, for a face and mouth like yours, even piss is too good.”
Mistress Eva then asked Klaus to depart. “Leave us Master Klaus. I need some time alone with my new toilet.”
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