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Default Conditioning of a Scat Slave - Part 6: Point of Breakage

Part 6 - Point of Breakage

Now Mistress Eva was in proper Mistress uniform. Black, thigh-high leather boots with laces running all the way up the front. Some wide, black fishnets peeked out the top of the boots, they were pulled up by black leather suspenders attached to a red garter belt. She untied them momentarily and removed her black, leather panties. Up top she wore an ornate red corset that proudly pushed up all the glory of her cleavage. There wasn’t much creativity to the golden shower offered by Mistress Eva, standing still as she urinated over Claudia’s upper crotch area.

“Now that the boring formalities are done with, let’s make you……repulsive,” she announced.
Claudia could see the perfection in Mistress Eva’s ass as she positioned it directly above her cum and shit filled mouth. She wasn’t using the toilet seat though, instead lifting it so that she could come in deeper and closer to Claudia’s mouth. Despite Mistress Eva’s ass hovering merely centimeters away from her face, Claudia still noticed the definition in her thigh muscles as she squat with impeccable poise and posture. Mistress Eva leaned forward and peered down at Claudia’s face, fixing her aim to the precision of millimeters.

“You’re about to find out why I’m the best scat Mistress in England,” she promised. “Just as Klaus is known for his loads of cum, I’m famous for the size of my shits, and I can drop them exactly where and when I want them.”
Claudia was terrified. She didn’t know where to look as she glanced between the tensing rectum before her and Mistress Eva’s look of concentration. Both the Mistress and Claudia gasped as her asshole opened far wider than the other woman. Testament to how close she was, Claudia could already taste and smell every particle of defecation that was waiting for her inside those bowels. Nothing came out the first time, so she gave Claudia’s lip’s a little courtesy rub with her asshole; smearing some previous residue. The sphincter opened up again to a loud crackling sound followed by a roar of flatulence. Claudia braced again. More than ever, Claudia was feeling each and every restraint that Mistress Eva had strategically placed against her face and body, she knew it would be futile trying to evade what was imminent.

Another push and this time the gates had opened. Out rushed a thick, controlled snake of bright brown shit. With the cocktail of muck that was already in her mouth, Claudia could only take a few obstructed breaths before impact. Her clenched throat closed milliseconds before the heavy load collided against the closed wall at the rear of her mouth. She knew she would soon be relying on her stretched nostrils as her sole source of air.

Claudia was struck by the intense odor in the vicinity of her heavy breathing nostrils. The thick, creamy flow of shit unrelentingly filled her mouth. It was even softer than the other woman’s and Claudia felt its growing weight. Mistress Eva, pulling back on her ass cheeks, carefully swiveled in circular motions so that Claudia’s mouth filled like a soft serve cone full of chocolate ice-cream. It filled every available space. Claudia could feel the mounting pressure in the back of her mouth as shit pushed against shit and flattened the cum that dwelled there before it. The rotund woman’s shit was completely absorbed by Mistress Eva’s.

Claudia lay in shock as he mouth filled to the top and still the Mistress continued shitting. The pile rising up and blanketing her teeth and lips before forming a neat, brown mountain poking out at the top. It was the perfect dump. All of Claudia’s taste buds and oral senses were painted in the vile flavor of feces; a gag inducing bitterness. Unlike the times she had her own shit in her mouth, she found the taste to be putrid, but had to constrain or risk swallowing.

Claudia’s heart rate was blending into one consistent buzz of ferocity. Breathing deeply through her nose, she became nervous when she realized that Mistress Eva wasn’t finished, she was merely pausing and taking new aim. If not for the dread, Claudia might have been impressed with such control. Another stream came faster this time and Claudia sealed her eyelids just as her eyes were splattered with falling excrement. Mistress Eva gently swung her ass from side to side as shit piled up over Claudia’s eyes and forehead. Claudia’s world was turning brown.

Claudia could only imagine how long Mistress Eva had been holding onto that monstrous dump. The shit was warm and rich. Claudia tried to flick her face with the tiny amount of movement conceded, but all she did was force a feculent wave of brown lava caressing over her lips in both directions. It covered from above her upper lip to halfway down her chin. Even on each side of her face a thick, brown tide ran down her blush covered cheeks to completely alter her desired complexion. The shit over her eyes stayed firm, apart from some narrow streams down the side of her forehead. She wanted to cry, but it was impossible due to the hazardous load her face was holding. The sheer size and runniness of the texture meant that it was waiting patiently for an opening and for gravity to allow its passage further south. She held back the tears as her spirit was on course to obliteration.

“Are you there Shitlips? Can you hear me?” called Mistress Eva. “Of course you can, your ears aren’t covered with shit, not yet anyway,” she threatened. “I know you can’t see me right now, so I’m letting you know that my shit is not over yet.”

A stunned Claudia couldn’t fathom how that was possible, but she believed it. She’d learned enough by now and she was certain she knew where the next release would be aimed at. She felt Mistress’ hand grab her by the hair. The sound and smell of bodily gases pushing more shit out of Mistress Eva’s anal passage made Claudia hyperventilate through her nose. She knew her hooked nose was an atom’s length away from this vicious anus, but all she could do was wait. Mistress Eva stalled her release a little, waiting for a build-up. Her asshole was at point blank rang, with no way to miss her target, her tactic this time was to strike with power and pressure.

Claudia was in agony. Unable to see or breathe through her mouth, she knew what was coming and knew it was seconds away. The shit filling her mouth held its warmth and its taste, the load covering her eyes kept its firmness. In the complete darkness she felt Mistress Eva’s ass press against her unprotected nostrils. Her redlining palpitations skipped about 3 seconds. Then, a thunderous fart was followed through with a generous amount of shit, pushed right into Claudia’s nostrils. The grotesque matter force fed its way deep through her nose. Claudia was still hyperventilating at the point of impact and ingested some shit up into her nasal passage; it stung. The Mistress finally let up and Claudia blew out as much of the blockage as she could so that she could once again breathe.

“You can relax now, Shitlips, I’ve finished shitting,” assured Mistress Eva, wiping her ass with Claudia’s dress. “But that doesn’t mean the fun is over.”

Claudia knew by now not to underestimate the Mistress, but nothing could prepare her for what would come next. She waited in blindness for the next move. Relying only on her hearing, she heard 2 tearing sounds. Was she tearing her dress? Suddenly, she felt the mountain of shit in her mouth being pushed down. Claudia’s throat was still sealed shut, but she couldn’t free her tongue to push back. With the exception of the shit on Claudia’s eyes, Mistress Eva compressed the rest of the load into Claudia’s mouth, bulging out her cheeks and filling in any empty gaps between her lips, teeth, and right up to her gums.

Then, against her bloated cheeks and over her lips she felt an adhesive substance being padded down. Duct tape. A few more tears of tape padded carefully over the mouth and around the gag by the Mistress. Claudia realized that she was trying to seal the shit inside her mouth. There was so much feces compressed in her mouth that she couldn’t even moan, groan, or grunt. Claudia dared to ponder where she was going with this.

There was a snapping sound next to her ear. Claudia was trembling violently, even with all the restraints. Mistress Eva replied with a little chuckle that was as devious as it was sinister. The snapping sound stopped and Claudia felt whatever it was rubbing against the top of her nose, occasionally sweeping some residual shit into her hooked nostrils. Claudia would only force it back out again with her breath, but she was racking her brain as to what Mistress Eva had in her hand. Her inquisition was interrupted by a firm clamp over her nose, sealing her nostrils shut even with the hooks inside.

Claudia was so shocked and distressed that she accidentally opened her eyes beneath the hill of semen and shit. Her panic Claudia exhausted her breath in seconds. Underneath her brown face she was turning blue. Her body writhed in violent spasms within the minimal confinements of clamps, collars, and chains. It actually shook the iron trough a little, which was impressive for a girl Claudia’s size.

“Oh my God! She’s trying to kill me,” thought Claudia as she tried resisting, but the Mistress didn’t call her bluff.
“Swallow my shit you worthless whore,” she chanted. “Trust me, it’s easier.”

Claudia opened up her throat and began ingesting chunks of shit. The dynamics of her situation and not being able to use her tongue made it challenging to do without choking or gagging. She snorted a great deal into her nasal passage which was now completely clogged with shit. The sound Claudia made as she chugged down a succession of chunks was harrowing. Underestimating how incredibly hard it is to swallow without the use of tongue, Claudia began coughing uncontrollably until the Mistress removed the tape and clamp to allow her some respite.

Most of the shit had been force swallowed so now a breathing path had been created, but there was still a decent amount of shit left in her mouth. Claudia was convinced she was going to die, either from swallowing so much shit or by choking in the trough where she lay.

Mistress Eva came in to reassure her. “Don’t worry Shitlips, I won’t let you die. Without you I wouldn’t have a toilet slave and I don’t know where I’d find a shit pig as worthlessly filthy as you.”

During her frenzy, Claudia accidentally pushed about half of her shit past the anal plug, through the chastity belt, and into her white, frilly panties. Mistress Eva could see it and was delighted.
“You’re turning out to be the best toilet slave I’ve ever had, by that I mean the filthiest.”

Now, Claudia was officially broken. She could offer no further fight, deciding to accept her torture from here-in. Shit was all she could taste, smell, and feel; and there was still a party to serve. Still unable to see, she was already telling herself in her mind that she was a wretched piece of shit and a dumb fucking whore. She believed every word.
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