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Default The DHSS?!?

Been busy writing and editing back work. I wrote this one late 2016
Enjoy. Big thanks to @sswishbone for editing duties and helping with
layout and punctuation.

Degrading Humiliation Splosh Services

Also known as the DHSS!

All written content is copyright of Mr Andrew Wilcock, any unauthorised
publishing or editing is strictly forbidden without written permission from
the author.
The characters and events in this story are entirely fictional, any
resemblance to persons, whether alive or dead is purely coincidental.


THE AUDITORIUM WAS hushed, people listened intently to the speaker.
Claire had been sent on a course which, unfortunately for her, involved
being in this room!
The male lecturer sounded like he was wrapped a little bit too tight for
his own good. His voice was flat and monotone. 'So now we move on to
the seminal works by the author known as Sswishbone.' There was a
pause, the gent continued. 'We open with one of his modern masterpieces.
Portrait of a Predator.'
From within the subdued crowd voices suddenly erupted?
One lady yelled. 'Akin!'
'Atop,' came forth from some fellow at the back.
In an over zealous moment another female fan shouted. 'Zenith!'
Claire's phoned buzzed against her leg, she delved into her pocket and
glanced at a text from Heidi.
'Just got an email off Mistress. They are starting a new messy humiliation
day at the farm. Mud, food, swamps, ponds, gunge and lots of degrading
sex. There are also new male characters for the guys. Mr B'stard, A.
Wanker and their colleague. Sir Tossalot. What do you reckon? Jenny, Karen
and Alison want to go.'
'Claire gasped out loud. 'Yes!'
A lady in a nice home made knitted sweater lent over from the next seat
and replied. 'I agree - he is a talented writer. I love the chapter where they
are in the Northern Sea in a galleon. Truly moving work.'
Claire shook her head. I cannot take any more of this! Take your galleon
and shove it where the sun don't shine!
Rising from her seat Claire grabbed her belongings, she could hear the
lecturer throwing out another question. 'What does the author truly mean
when he writes, akin to a galleon in the Northern Sea?' As she moved along
the aisle Claire shouted back. 'It means a boat floating in some water! This
is crap! I'm out of here!' With that the double doors slammed behind her.

Chapter one:

HAVING ESCAPED CLAIRE made tracks to the coffee shop. She knew the
girls would be there as it was just after five o'clock. She pushed open the door,
the gang were sitting around a table nattering. Claire grabbed a coffee and
some biscuits from the counter and joined them.
'How was your college day?' inquired Jen.
'Please! Don't go there... We had to listen to some guy going on about
something I didn't need to know about,' replied Claire. She shook her head.
Heidi interjected, 'sounds like a normal day in the bank.'
'Could be worse - you could be spilling cups of tea on people on a train all
day,' laughed Alison.
Karen chirped up.'Or stuck in an office like Jenny and me!' Jenny nodded her
head in agreement.
Claire sounded excited as she spoke. 'Okay girls what was that message all
about? The farm? New horrid vile characters to do dastardly things to us?'
The girls turned to Heidi.
'Well, Mistress has decided that we are not getting enough humiliation and
degrading in our lives. So she's invented a new service!'
Claire knew to glance at Jenny. The wammer was beaming, this meant it
was bound to be good.
'Go on, tell me more?' inquired Claire as she sipped her cuppa.
'We have to do demeaning tasks for the new bosses of the DHSS,' revealed
'DHSS?' replied Claire.
Heidi announced the full company name in a stern manner. 'Degrading
Humiliation Splosh Services!' Claire smirked, Heidi's tone had sounded similar
to the man in the auditorium!
Jenny chirped in a cheeky voice. 'Oh I know!'
'Dare we even ask?' replied Karen, she pointed at the bratty one.
Jenny laughed. 'Disgusting Horrid Stripped Subs!'
'Dirty, Honkin' Stinkin' Slappers!' smirked Alison.
Chuckles rocked around the business. Even the guy who served the coffees
started smiling.
'Do we have a dress code for this degrading day?' asked Claire.
Jenny butted in. 'Double D!'
'What?' replied Claire.
'Yeah, you know!' Jen laughed. 'Dirty and disgusting!'
Karen declared. 'You so need to be put in a cage and used!'
Heidi waited for a moment and then gave Claire the information.
'We all have to dress in white satin blouses, no bra's. Black satin skirts,
full stockings and suspenders and... Get a load of this... Crotch less panties!'
'That's so they can fuck us, or use toys on us while we're
still dressed. Kinky bleeders... I love it,' replied Claire.
'Yeah, imagine being in one of the cages and they chain your legs to the
metal work so you are spread. Then they put a fucking machine on you. It
would just pound you through your crotch less clobber. I'd be up for that,'
Alison didn't hold back.
Claire announced. 'Well, I'm up for it. If you lot are?'
The farm fiends all glanced at Jenny, she already had her diary out.
'May I take your order, madam?' the lass went to add her friends name to
the ever growing list.
So it was set the girls were going to meet the men of the DHSS. Just how
dire would it get?

Chapter Two:

STEVE PULLED INTO the car wash named. * The Big Hand Job! The
man laughed at the title of the business. He joined the long queue of people
waiting. As he alighted from his vehicle he noticed Master J had also brought
a motor down for cleaning.
Steve walked over. 'How's it going?'
'Not bad mate. You?'
'I Need to get the van washed for work. I believe Mistress has sold the girls
on the new idea?'
Master J smiled. 'Yes, I believe so.'
'Who the heck invented the character names?'
'She got them off the owner of the Ministry Of Mess website, the fellow who
runs it and the camera man made them up... Mistress filmed with them, the
duo said to use the names on a session.'
'Great idea, I know the girls have bitten.'
'Yes... As soon as I get this thing washed, I'm off to the suppliers to pick up
all the mess.'
Several men dashed past them with rags, they appeared to be the buffing
and wiping guys.
'Is Master D up for this?' Steve inquired.
'Hell yes!.. On this session, he is going to give Heidi a good time.'
'Nice... Heidi will enjoy that normally it's Mistress who plays with her.'
Yeah. I believe the main antagonists are going to be. Mr B'stard played by
Dave. A Wanker will be yourself. And Sir Tossalot will be portrayed by Master
'What about yourself?'
Master J smiled. 'I have somehow escaped? But no doubt that will change on
the day,' he knew the event would be a riot.
The lads jumped back in their transports and drove
forward several places. The conversation resumed.
'Do we have any heinous messy tasks for the girls to complete?' asked Steve
'Of course... We might get them to do a keep fit routine in the horrid drain...
Another idea is a degrading swimming lesson in one of the ponds?'
Steve chuckled out loud. He had to add a suggestion.
I think we should gunge them while they are tied to the fucking machines.'
The man grinned.
'They'd all enjoy that...' Master J glanced around. 'What do you reckon to
this?' The man continued.
'We all wear really crappy business suits, one's that look fucking awful.
Something you buy and then months later you think. What the fuck?'
'Oh! I have a few of those. Interview suits that are just hideous. I'll sort
one no problem... In fact, one has really huge collars. It looks like pimping
The picture in Master J's mind made him chuckle. 'Ha ha ha. Ideal for the
'It's that bad!' replied Steve.
The line moved forward, more cars and vans got cleaned. The lads got
sorted and then Master J shot off. As Steve returned home to Jenny he thought.
Hang on a minute? Master J comes out with ideas for the suits, but he's not
doing a character? I've been had again! Steve laughed, he knew Jenny would
love it.

* The big hand job was a real hand car wash in West Leigh. It got closed down
by Wigan council circa 2010 for an inappropriate trading name. *

Chapter Three:

THE WEEKEND HAD arrived the day was warm, Steve picked up most of
the gang in the minibus.
Master D had gone over to the location earlier in the day with Mistress.
Heidi announced to the group. 'I'm so looking forward to getting trashed.' Her
body posture gave away the fact she was on a natural high.
Jenny declared in an excited tone. 'Yes! I can't wait to get put through some
serious messy degrading tasks, that will no doubt end badly.' The lady's mind
went into overdrive. I hope they stack the odds against us. I really love it
when we have no chance. I get so wound up by it. Then my sex drive just
goes nuts! Yay!

Claire had noticed some extra bags. She had to ask. 'What's in there guys?'
Dave, Karen's partner replied.'Leave that alone, our work clothes are in there.'
Jenny revealed. 'I went to have a peep this morning and Steve told me off!'
Claire glanced at Master Jason, she had to ask.
'Have you got any new work clothes?'
'That would be telling wouldn't it?.. All you need to worry about is that I'm
itching to get to work on you.'
Claire swooned.
Alison and Karen turned to each other and laughed, Claire had confessed
earlier that she was looking forward to being controlled by the butch beast
for several hours.
'Are we all wearing our crotch less panties ladies?' inquired Heidi.
A communal shout of, 'Yes!' rang around the minibus.
Dave, who was sitting in the front seat next to Steve lent over to check
Karen's wardrobe. He spoke. 'After glancing up my wife's legs I can announce
to all... She is wearing crotch less knickers!'
Karen went crimson and slapped Dave playfully on the arm. 'Cheeky!'
Jenny shouted. 'Somebody lock me in a cage and give me messy abuse!' the
transport thrashed down the country lane.
Steve quipped to Jen. 'Said and done.' He smiled at Dave.
The women went through their last minute hair and make up check. It was
decided that Claire needed a tad more lippy.
This gave Master Jason an idea. I'll speak to Mistress, we could write some
abusive words on the front of their blouses in lipstick. I know Claire finds this
really arousing. Maybe I could get Mistress to draw hand prints around Jenny's
breasts? She'd go to pieces.. Steve would love watching his partners sexual
frustration. Plus, they've not seen what's waiting for them in the car park!

As they pulled up, it was Jenny who spied what looked like a marquee? 'Whats
that's for?'
'You'll see shortly,' replied Steve. He gave off a wry grin.
The conveyance's engine stopped and the group piled out. Jenny, Claire and
Alison inspected the odd looking structure? It was set up like a large tent,
but it appeared to have shower heads in the roof? What where they for?
Master Jason announced. 'Right, we're off. You lot wait here.'
As the lads shot off carrying the extra bags, Alison spoke. 'They'll be up to
something. You all know it.'
'I don't care as long as we get very messy,' laughed Jenny.
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Chapter Four:

THE LADS AND Mistress gazed through the fencing as the ladies took
some happy snaps. The guys turned around and glanced at each other.
Dave spoke. 'Right, remember we have to do the voices deadpan and
emphasise the word, girl a lot.'
Master Derek came in.'Yes, also make everything sounds a tad sexist and
out of date. It's like we're stuck in the mid- eighties... Or summat like that!
The man laughed at Steve's outfit. He felt compelled to speak again.
'You really went for an interview in that?'
'Bad isn't it! I didn't get the job?!?' Everybody fell about laughing
'Ssshh! You'll give the game away,' Mistress tried to look stern, but she had
glanced at Steve'. His attire was something else!
Mistress and Master Jason appeared at the gate, they strode forward.
Mistress was wearing black ski pants and a tight black PVC top, the man was
dressed in black combat pants and the same coloured T-shirt.
Mistress's decibels coursed through the air. 'Line up sluts. I want each of you
Master Jason proceeded to cuff each lady behind their back. They were
pushed into the marquee, and positioned under a shower head, instructions
were given that they could not move.
Mistress inspected each lady. Jenny failed. Mistress's hands cupped her breasts
one at a time. She drew an outline of her presence on each of Jenny's breasts
with a lipstick.
Jenny glimpsed down at Mistress's hand work and gasped. 'Oh!'
Master Jason wrote on the front of Claire's blouse, he displayed the words,
slut, across her belly. Above her cleavage he wrote, slap here. He drew a small
arrow pointing to her bosoms. The lady's legs were shaking, she knew if she
moved there would be a forfeit.
Alison had extra lipstick put on by Mistress. It looked terrible, Mistress told her
she looked better? Alison gazed straight ahead. Master Jason moved over to the
edge of the structure, there were several levers next to him?
'Well, we are doing better. There was no bitching or screaming, even Jenny
didn't have a bratty outburst. But! I'm sure we can fix that!' Did Mistress have a
plan? The boss lady spoke for a second time.
'Please meet your new bosses, Mr B'stard! A Wanker and Sir Tossalot.'
Mistress beckoned in the new employers. Upon seeing Steve in his really shoddy
suit, Jenny started giggling.
A Wanker announced. 'Give it that... Girl!.. Master Jason if you please.' The
man glared at Jenny.
Master J pulled one of the levers, the dispensing head above Jen's delivered a
short blast of mushroom soup.
The cheeky chuckler gasped. 'Urgh! Cold!'
Mr B'stard entered sporting a terrible business look.
Karen cracked up laughing,
Claire started creasing up.
Mr B'stard pointed out Karen and Claire.'Both of these sluts if you please Master
Levers were pulled, a short, sharp delivery of tomato soup splattered over the
Finally, Sir Tossalot sauntered out.
Heidi commented. 'Dear God, what have we got here?'
Alison turned her head towards the bank worker and chirped up. 'I agree, he
looks a right tosser!'
There was a moment of silence, all the ladies knew they should not react.
But! It was just too much... Every one of them started laughing. Mistress was
swift. 'Master Jason a full load!'
The man pulled all the lever's, soup rained over the satin sluts. Some got
minestrone, others pea and ham.
'Eeew! Urgh!' Comments came forward as quickly as the soup flowed!
'Well ladies... You know what they say? Wanker by name... Wanker by nature!'
The man spun round on the spot in his dire business attire.
Jenny fell apart and got the serious giggles. In between raptures of laughter,
she shouted out. 'Steve! What do you look like?'
' Quiet... Girl!' A Wanker nodded to Master J. More liquid flowed, this time
Jenny was drenched for five seconds.
The sodden one gasped. 'So sorry... Sir!' Her blouse clinging to her breasts.
Heidi inquired in a sarcastic tone. 'Does Mr B'stard help out Sir Tossalot to
become A Wanker?'
Mistress nodded to Master Jason, this time he yanked only two levers. Alison
and Claire were deluged in vegetable.
'I do believe this is Heinz!' Alison commented as she shook her hair.
Claire glanced at Master Jason and attempted a swoon, but it was lost in a
sea of soup!
Sir Tossalot glided across to the controls, he appeared to pull all of them at
different intervals. The heads all came on at different times for three seconds,
giving out another thorough saturation.
Jenny wailed. 'So sorry!'
'She's not!' piped up Heidi.
Karen ramped things up. 'Heidi enjoys soup of the day, at any time of the day!'
Mr B'stard eyed up Karen and commented, he was harsh. 'You, young lady... Yes,
you... Carry on with this kind of back chat and you will end up on a fucking
machine, whilst in a cage in the pond!'
Karen played up. 'What a total bastard! What happened to sexual equality?!?'
'It went out of fashion - along with crotch less knickers. Which I do believe you
are all wearing?' Mr B'stard, pointed. He did his utmost to be, well, a total
Claire came out with a comment. 'I wondered why it was a bit drafty down
'I have been reliably informed there are lots of cobwebs in your nether
region... Girl!' Sir Tossalot's reply made him look like an experienced tosser!
Everybody started smirking. Master Jason added fuel to the fire. 'I'll check
later, but I'm afraid she might not know what to do?'
'I know exactly what to do... Especially when you put me on my knees in
front of you, sir!' shouted a sopping Claire.
Mistress yelled, 'enough! Into the farm with the lot of you. To Mr B'stard's
first job. Drain clearance!'

Full stories can be found at:


Andy and the team.
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