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Old 07-15-2017, 06:08 AM
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Default Usa: M/Sub/29 seeks F/Dom/All ages ~ 29 year old male slave seeking

29 year old submissive male seeking a dominant female of any age

Hi all, my name is Andrew some people call me Andy. I work from home as a computer technician and web developer. Since I work from home there are times when I am unable to do things like be naked or show stuff on my webcam because people are around, but I will do what is asked as soon as I am able to.

I am also married, my wife knows I am interested in this stuff but she is extremely vanilla and doesn't want anything to do with this stuff, meaning she will not go on camera. However she has given me some pictures that she is allowing me to share but only those pictures. I also enjoy people talking about my wife and what they would do with her or to her if she was into this stuff. I like reading what people say.

Now what I am looking for is somebody I can talk to as well as do things for online and/or offline. I am open to the idea of making a website or blog, writing stuff even though I am not a good writer. I also enjoy cbt, having my computer controlled from time to time, being told what to have as my wallpaper on my computer, being bullied since I got use to it in school. I also have some equipment available to use as well. I can also do things under my clothes. I have an uncut cock. I am also open to other suggestions.

I am not a fan of anal stuff. I will not do anything related to piss, poop, nothing illegal, no permanent marks or damage.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or if you want my Skype id.
  • Kinks:
cbt, name calling, computer control, wallpaper control, website building, and other suggestions
  • Experience:
I mostly have experience online doing tasks on webcam or off webcam where and when possible.
  • Limits:
nothing illegal, nothing related to piss or poop, I am not a fan of anal. No permanent marks or damage.
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