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  • My new anal toy has arrived! 梨花锁 - when this thing is locked inside ur ass, u are not able to take it out urself and its pretty heavy!


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    Got a few request to see me on how I study ? I dunno why Thats really nothin to see about is bored


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    Need help. Whats the difference between A chat and A conversation? and I cant seem to reply to a private chat conversation?
    Chats are real time, if you get a chat request there will be a notification for it showing under the bell icon. Clicking on this will take you to the private chat window, click in the space at the bottom of the window to respond. Seems on some browsers this isn't very easy to spot.
    Conversations are private messages similar to email but with an ongoing trail.
    Some update about myself. I dont do public task. So dont ask me to take public photos. My asshole is still small around two fingers size, it cant fit large stuff. Theres alot more to train. Be gentle and easy when using me Daddy. 😉
    I’ll be away for a week to prepare my exam. Beside being a fucktoy I’m also a college student. I will reply to u all message soon when im free and ofcuz more slutty photos what u guys hav requested
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