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  • Haha! The stinking piece of fuckmeat finds its cunt itching again!
    What depraved use will you invite this time to disgust the viewers?
    Go find a blind dog with no sense of smell and don't get ideas above your station...
    Hi Dear,
    May this New year Brings you Everlasting Happiness,peace and Success in whatever you do,My name is miss Aja,
    please contact me through my email address ([email protected]) for more about me
    You may not rub your filthy pussy until you cover it with duck-tape then rip as many hairs off. The number of individual hairs that come off are the number of edges you must perform before using a new strip of duct-tape on your hairy pussy. You will continue to edge for every hair that is stuck to each strip of tape you remove. When no hairs appear on a strip of duck-tape which you rip off your pussy, you are then permitted to orgasm!
    OK you flat chested piece of french fuckmeat! Check recent album additions to see what tits are!
    Guess you're gonna have to spread that ugly cunt of yours again to raise any interest. Cum rags like you have to beg for it and maybe the only male fluid you're worthy of is piss or spit!
    Do I really look like a Mistress to you??? Did you even bother to read my profile, to see what I have written so far? Obviously not.

    If you really want to do your best to amuse and serve a Mistress, you should start by reading what she has written and understand her personality.
    Dear Aureliecatena,
    i am longing to serve a strict Mistress who would like to use and humiliate me through my cam. i have toys and would try my best to amuse and serve Mistress..Is there a chance?
    Hmmmm, I'm not sure.
    I guess we can see how many suggestions that are submitted, if there are many we can have a vote, if not we/-you can just do them one by one.

    Now, how do we proceed? There is already one suggestion on the thread. Will there be a vote? Or is it first come first served?
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