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  • hey, i’ve been withholding cumming for a few days because i’ve felt a bit bad lately and want to make myself feel really good.

    im opening up my kik again - blplsh.

    give me ideas on how to make myself feel good. best idea gets pictures/videos if they please me enough.
    For beginner u could use remote vibrator in public places and try to be normal.
    Tie the tits tightly with rope and put nipple suckers
    hi, i will reply to messages and things tomorrow as i’ve been super busy today.
    but, i’ve got some new toys coming tomorrow so i will finally have proper things to play with.
    - a remote control vibrator
    - 8 inch dildo
    - nipple suckers
    - nipple clamps
    - 10ft rope

    any ideas on how i should use these? id love to hear how i could play with myself using these.
    if i like them, im may post pictures so best ideas please
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    Find in the attachment the ideas for you to use your sex toys for max pleasure with bearable torture.

    P.S.- I would like to control your vibrator if possible(so that the vibrations are unpredictable)


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    hi guys my mistake, i meant 10 meters of rope NOT ft.
    That's even better.. then u can make more folds of rope while tieing urself.
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