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    I think you're cool

    I think you're cool
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    Role play fantasy

    Sounds awesome
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    Are succubii real

    Thank you. Could you elaborate further?
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    Cheap electrostim things.

    I am talking about audio controlled session boxes. I know there's plenty of cheap tens boxes on the market...
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    Are succubii real

    I've read stories and seen YouTube videos about the succubus. Some say they soummoned one some say they don't exist, some say they are dangerous some that they are like a demon gf. I' m intrigued by this kind of stories and would love to hear if there is someone out there who encountered some...
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    Cheap electrostim things.

    For that price I don't think there is anything on the market. At least nothing safe. The cheapest way is dyi. But in order to be safe you should have some technical knowledge.
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    Anal tasks

    Buy a set of butt plugs and start from the smallest and work your way up. Without overdoing it. Relaxing and being aroused helps
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    Nipple clamp torture ideas

    Please be careful with electric play especially so near to the heart. Never put on pole on each side since electricity through your heart can be deadly also on low voltages
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    Kik Random Instruction

    Still waiting nobody is sending instructions 🙄 Kik: Carlito_amo
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    Kik Random Instruction

    Would be cool to make a random instruction Kik Group ... Anyone interested in starting one?
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    Idea for a KiK group

    I was thinking a truth or dare group would be fun ... people in the group can start a dare or a truth by that matter and other participants can pick it up and do it ... of course with some ground rules for what concerns safety and so on ...
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    2B unit to sell - used twice

    Thanks ! I will do that!
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    2B unit to sell - used twice

    I build a custom unit and dont need my almost brand new 2B unit Does anybody know on which platform I could sell it?
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    help need ideas for solo play youre welcome :-)
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    Cheap electrostim things.

    I like this post :-) - I am into E-Stim. I have mystim, B2 and a custom build stereo unit. The sound controlled units are awesome! There are so many possibilities!