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  • This is my own story. You can read the first 2 chapters for free.
    The most recent reviews of ‘Chrissie Rhymes with Sissy’

    Review No. 1
    An intense account of the main character's steady process of being forcibly feminized over a protracted period. There are many twists and turns to the story, some of which may test the limits of your ability to accept sexual practices that verge on taboo in our culture. If you are willing to go along with the author, you will learn much about feminization, submission, dominance and the life of a true sissy. This is not a book for everyone, but it is articulate, engaging and compelling.

    Review No. 2
    An outstanding account of forced feminization, not for the faint hearted. Buy this and I can assure you will not be disappointed. This story hits all the spots on a sissy’s journey into total submission.

    You can preview the book here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01438T7E4
    I hope you enjoy it.
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