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    Humiliating blow jobs?

    I like the lady to ask for it, She will kneel and take it out, and then ask for permission, she has to tell me what she will do and how. I love to hear a lady talk about the act...
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    Mommy Dommes

    A mature no nonsense Governess, in high heeled boots with riding crop.
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    Urethral play anyone?

    Femdoms using electro stim on a metal insertion.
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    Mommy Dommes

    Aunt or Governess I like
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    Rewards for subs

    My mistress will give me her spit as a reward. And I love that.
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    Ball pulling

    Continuing from above: My Mistress, a latina lady maybe 60yrs old I see maybe 6 times a year insists on testicle weights. Sunday last, she visited calling me as to the time of her arrival, and reminded me that I was to have the weights on when she arrived. The weight is 3 lbs, hanging between...
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    Too old to be a sub?

    I usually lie a little about my age but for this discussion no reason to. I was born in 1934 and still playing the role as a submissive albeit with pros as being married and with serious time constraints. .It's been 10 years since I had a freebee. I realize I couldn't play the role of a young...
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    Toilet whores!?

    When traveling out of the country, Germany Thailand Brazil...I have often offered bar ladies a small sum if they would serve me their personal golden wine....
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    Anyone have experience with what Gauge is more or less painful.. and what is available.
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    Stealing panties…

    My friend and I have traded our wife's panties probably without their knowledge, but neither would be pissed about it...not that they agree with the idea of panty worship, but they both accept our kinky ways.
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    Safewords applicable during punishment?

    Yes a safeword is needed, but For me I prefer the mistress to make up her own mind. giving me a safe word gives me more control that i want.. So I would have to know my mistress well before I venture into her ignoring my safeword...I have to depend on her to guide me into uncharted BDSM...
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    Cheap electrostim things.

    looking for a good idea on ball leashes...although I have the leash part but need something to tighten and secure the testicles well with so my mistress can attach the weights or leash to.
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    Paddles with Tacks

    tacks taped on a table sharp side up, and my Mistress lays the cock on them and pushes it around on the tacks..
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    Ball pulling

    With a loop around my testicles a weight is attached and my mistress requires me to walk with the heavy ball weights swinging. Humiliating and painful.
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    Toilet whores!?

    Not really, but the one I had I knew and trusted. Otherwise you could be talking to some guy...