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  • Hey Dr, been thinking a lot more about the questions you submitted. In referencere to the riskiest things.... I realized risky is quite relative in and of itself. For instance as a teenager I had 16 penny nails down the urethra and other than being amazed the whole nail disappeared down the hole I was to stupid to even think about the ramifications of a dirty nail down my dickhead. The good news is I almost immediately came when it went down and it popped out with not apparent aftermath.

    Later on after losing at strip poker I was tied and forced to suck dick and submitting freely without thought of possible side effects.

    What I have realized thought out my life is that when I am horny and have not ejaculated I tend to do whatever stupid thing comes up, but after I cum... My mind set is totally different.

    Sorry it says I exceeded limits... Damn it
    Soon it will be 2015!
    I write to you my friend for rules, dares, punishments and wishes for the next year.
    Things I can do, must do or should keep doing, or never have done.
    I need inspiration. So please be 'kind'. And a happy new year to you too.
    I will take that cherry! The Visitor Messages cherry. That is the least I can do after you left me edging for hours and went to a dinnerparty.
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