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  • It's not me, it's a friend, he loves being exposed, you should comment on his pics ;)
    pt 2, but you must lighty rub ,squeeze and pinch your dirty bag* for the 20 minutes , teasing your dirty bag , and if your bound teased cock dribbles I expect to see your juice patch oozing *, now young sub you can submit these pics to your album , but I will expect to see my name somewhere . and you shall also submit a report to me on ,how you felt when you read this task ? and how you felt doing this task ?
    only after the task is completed youcan then enjoy the pleasure of a bare hard cock , if you can get it hard, but dont forget to show us *
    ok young sub , have you ever had a dirty bag , ?????

    here is how it works ,

    you must have a soft cock , boxers work better than
    jocks but try what ever panties you have ,
    everytime you see a * I expect a photo

    now be soft ,little boy soft, so soft that mum wouldnt be embarrassed if she found you with such a soft little boy cock ,*
    put your chosen panties /boxers /jocks on *
    and then take the shoe lace ,now hold the lace from both ends and place it down under your covered balls , now make a loop and loop the lace around your covered balls and soft soft cock , now tie the lace off tighty ,tieing it around your cock and balls ,making a bag of cock and balls ,* once you have this you must hold this for 20 minutes *, pt 1
    Thanks for your kind comments. I try to be obedient and carry out all instructions. When I fail, I expect to be punished.
    I took it with my phone. Let me copy one more of yours then I will make one for you to copy
    cool, i am in the same situation...so whatever you do, i will do. should i send photo to you and you put in same folder?
    i can get clamps, just not foreskin but i wish i could. i will remake your photos...maybe we should start a thead to remake a photo...you start and we do whatever you do? think about it...would be fun
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