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  • Interested in joining your bdsm group however also doubtful about some issues & what will differentiate yours personally from the many others, would you like to clarify more information regarding age verification, how exactly will this proved & are you going to take personal responsibility for anything & everything that happens such as a medical issue with depression for example?
    Location (Since this a group it should be available 24/7 for accepted members) I understand the Kik part no problem there & if members wish to share information between each other for a more private discussion it should be allowed as part of their rights but keep bdsm topics, experiences, aspects & behaviour within the agreed joining group.
    As stated I'm happy to join but I'd like you to elaborate more with how our Kik will be used after you have collected that information, verification of age & will you personally responsible for it, & location really? I don't see this as an essential need for this.
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