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  • love your tanned ass shot, perhaps entering shower, needs to be dealt with, all of it, starting with those cheeks, which clearly need to be manhandled and spanked
    I bet you love to secretly fuck yourself wishing that any man besides your worthless cunt of a husband was there beside you!! I know that I wish I was there to use your slutty ass as my personal fuck toy! Going hard and fast till you are raw and can't walk! I wish I could then cum in your mouth after fucking your ass! Letting you taste your ass and my cum!
    Those are some really sexy slutty photos! I love how you want to hide this from your stupid husband who doesn't use you! I would love to be able to use you and push your limits as you grow and learn!
    I think it would be great to have a group of us tie you up, spank you and then use you all while your husband watched. All of us could cum in you and on you to humiliate him some more.
    I love the idea he might find out, I wonder if he would dom you, what have you done that would most surprise him?
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