I am male, submissive, 30 years old. I am neither engaged nor married. I work, but frequently i manage to have some time to stay on internet in front of the pc. I am vegan and would not do anything that is not in line with this idea. I don't have a vehicle in this moment.

I'm heterosexual. I'm not gay, but the idea of having a master forcing me to do certain things is very exciting, also being forced to worship male or shemale (including being forced to worship his feet, penis or ass), i love also women and mistress!

I enjoy being humiliated and degraded, as well as tortured (not in an excessive way, but I have some resistance to pain). I have also women's underwear, maid uniform, short cheongsam lingerie, one plug and one realistic dildo; if is necessary, I have also candles and a flexible ruler for whip.

They are mainly about showing face in photos and videos, blood, illegal things, family / friends, animals, dieper, scat, permanent things (like tattoos or piercings), live webcams, video (i heaven't fast internet), everything that can be out of vegan, religious things (I am not of any religion, but I would leave it out of these things), shave (but not pubis or ass), blackmail, make up and nail polish on the hands, buy female objects in real store or buy something in a real sexyshop (they aren't near my town), outdoor (EXEPT wearing things that you don't see, like lingerie or plugs). I don't use kik (or similar). I can't change pc or smarthphone wallpaper and i don't download softwere.

- long write lines
- corner time

- humiliation / degradation (eat / lick, messy, verbal abuse, wear female clothes, ...)
- soft/medium torture
- spanking
- anal
- tease / denial
- edging
- cum eating
- cbt
- wedgie

Send me a pm with one of these orders and I'll execute it as soon as I read it! Combine them as you wish but max 3 at a time.

- SWIRLY X: I will do X swirly below in the first available bathroom (X: you choose 1-5 if I'm offline; 6-10 if I'm online).

- DON'T BE SEEN: (only when the weather calls for a coat) next time I have to go to a store, supermarket, or to buy anything in general, I will need to have my penis and / or balls out of the zip of my pants.

- WEDGIE: I will have to self inflict wedgie among the following: melvin 5 minutes (X = 1), shoulders 5 minutes (X = 1), atomic 5 minutes (X = 1), squeaky (X = number of days since the beginning of the month).

- LOOK BELOW: Next time I'm with a girl / woman who I think is at least pretty for more than 5 minutes, I'll have to take a picture of her feet (or her shoes / socks if she's wearing them).

- WRITE FOR ME: I have to perform a task on Write for me. If you don't suggest any links, I'll choose it. You can suggest a link to a task that has a maximum of 20 lines, English or Italian, with a maximum of 40 words of complete meaning and does not add more than 3 lines for each error or long time to write.

- KNEELING TORTURE: I will have to kneel on rice for at least 5 minutes (or upon completion of a writeforme task).

- HOLD: I have to drink 3 glasses of water right away and i can't pee for 3 hours.

- LACE X: I will tie my balls to the base for X minutes

- SLAP BALLS: I will have to slap my balls a number of times equal to the number of days this month.

- SQUATS X: I'll do X squats.

- PLUG X: I will wear my plug (it's silicone, 7.5 inches) for X hours.

- LOVE ME: You send me a picture of a part of your body (feet, penis, pussy, ass, breasts, hair, hands, belly, legs, etc ...) and i will have to worship it for 24 hours and i will write you some phrases about how beautiful that part of your body is.

- CLEAN MOUTH: I will brush my teeth with liquid soap.

- MASK: Next time I wear the mask (of those against the covid) I will have to have something inside to choose between: cum (not in November because I'm doing NNN), piss or whatever you want (but I have to approve it).

- I DECIDE (...): you can decide my next orgasm (how many edge, ruin, denial, normal, eat, on pants, clean or not ...).

- RUBBER BANDS X, body part, Y: you can decide how many rubber bands (X = from 1 to 5) I have to wear and in which part of the body and how many strokes I have to give for each one while I am wearing them (Y = 1-20).

- BIT YOUR NIPPLES X: I will have to wear clips on my nipples for X minutes.
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