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  • Thank you for your friends request that I gladly accept. :)
    Btw - I like your avatar. Maybe because I liked the character in "Cloudy..." Are you anything like him?
    Then, please sir, may I perform one of your dares at your discretion?
    My master says that it is okay.
    Perhaps his soft nature made me act complacent...
    Do I at least have the authority to pick my own punishment?
    I saw your posts when I came across this website via searching for punishments that my master could try out with me... I joined just to tell you that I wish my master was as cruel as you with his punishments and orders. He is too softhearted. I'm sure he could take a lesson from you.
    Would being completely naked with your hands handcuffed behind you in your backyard or at a park fall into your "likes"? Would wearing a blindfold at the time be extra special at the same time?
    Well I consider light bondage kinda simple, soft ropes, maybe a gag, blindfolds, sometimes cuffs, but not like a ton of equipment or complicated positions.
    And, at minimum, I consider public anytime I have a more than likely chance to be caught, like in my backyard or at a park
    Knowing when your sister is soon to return, you will tie yourself completely naked in the middle of her room with your dildo & ass plug laying on the floor next to you. Absolutely no lube is allowed!
    I understand chastity is extream. But being screwed up the ass by complete strangers is too extream for me and the wife. It is not just my limit, but hers as well. She will let me cum in time.
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