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  • piggy girl who likes wedgies,nipple play, insertions, dress up, petplay. Humiliation, being insulted, etc etc etc
    Bisexual female

    My limit is scat, illegal things, social suicide , pee drinking or wetting self, no face pic,public

    Toys: medium black plug, 8' pink vibe, clothespins, string(for bondage), household items
    If you have multiple bananas, peel them all. Before proceeding, start by stretching your ass out with a dildo or butt plug. Once finished,carefully slide one of the peeled bananas into your ass, then carefully push it out of your ass using your anal muscles. After that, slide the first banana back into your ass and then push a second in, then a third, a forth, then as many as you can fit. Let me know how it goes!
    Really just wondering if anyone was into bullying. Like messaging​ someone just to degrade and insult them. That would be amazing
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