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    long term relationship in understanding each other in bdsm

    hi i am a submissive / slave i am actually looking for one who naturally likes dominating me and talking to me normally but still being my dominant i dont have any age preferences i use kik my kik id is smalee8 comes under the name felix intrested pls text me there have a good day
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    New here but taking a look around - 28 Online Dom

    Hello I think I can suit your needs
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    Any real switches out there?

    Yea I am one
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    some tips to torture myself (self bdsm )

    I would also like humiliation too but I am new to that field so pls help me out waiting for some great ideas
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    some tips to torture myself (self bdsm )

    Hi guys am a male I am out of ideas or not aware of any good ideas to get myself into some pain or extreme bloodless pain I really want to punish myself for masturbating and I just don't want to masturbate and want to be obedient . I want good self torture techniques to do this so I am...
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    Sub or slave girls ar boys needed

    Hey i am a bit experienced
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    Piss in the girl's face

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    Sub or slave girls ar boys needed

    Any sub girls can approach me for some supreme domination Kik smalee8
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    Nipple clamps

    Um no miss marley but u can maximum put the clamp for 2hrs
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    Seeking a loyal submissive male

    I am 18 from india
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    Seeking a loyal submissive male

    I am interested mistress accept me
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    Mistress looking for subsss & no I don’t want $🤣

    I think the kik is wrong cuz I tried replying to you
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    Dominant Mistress wanted

    I am 18 yrs old and I am looking for a mistress who can abuse me or do anything with me if any one interested please kik me in smalee8
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    I am interested

    I am interested