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    Kik mistress

    Your sexy mistress is waiting Kik her vjvi12
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    Major updates! Please report issues.

    I dont know the icons are all weird I can't tell what is what. Notifications do t seem to be registering right either. This is on my phone so I dont know if that has something to do with it
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    trying exhibitonism?

    Exhibitionism can be tricky, I think part of the thrill is the possibility of getting recognized. But I do agree if you are still a bit uneasy about it then the starting online thing from neck down is a good start, also the covid masks is a good plan too. Also maybe start out when it's getting...
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    Consensual non consent.

    I must say Everytime subzzzero comments I like it. He is very knowledgeable and seems experienced in the lifestyle. Just wanted to say that. I'm in agreement with him
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    Consensual non consent.

    I do believe that yes a safe word would still have to be established and yes talk to them make sure you guys set limits before hands of how far he can go before it is too much cuz you do not want to permanently hurt yourself or do any sort of permanent damage this coming from subs point of view...
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    I have a question for subs

    I believe communication is key. I have been withy mistress for going on 14 years and like any relationship it hits dry spells also. As others have noted stress and other things can sometimes change your focus temporarily. When we hit a dry spot, typically she sits down with me and we talk it out...
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    new ways of pleasing your Dom

    I'm not sure if your questions have been answered yet by now but when I read your original post you were looking for other ways that may not even be sexual to please your dom. I have been a sub for 14 years to the same mistress I often find that as with any relationship. It is good to find out...
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    Rachel is right there is a big difference between a sub and a slave. Slaves have no rights they only obey. Subs choose to obey, we often live vanilla lives and choose to submit when in session. It's a much more discreet relationship when you are a sub. Although after the feel out period you each...
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    KIK Inspection & Rating: Pussy, Ass, Cock, Boobs, etc.

    Kik id:stretch_24 Role: Will be inspected
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    Straight Male Submissive 37 Mistress wants me to suck dick.

    hello all. Just recently my mistress expressed that she wants to find me more opportunities to be forced bi. While this is not my preference i would do it for her. If you are in the general Fort Wayne area and would be interested in letting me please message me
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    Straight Male Submissive Fort Wayne 37 Mistress wants me to suck a dick

    I am a sub in a female led relationship. She recently has expressed that one of her kinks is forced bi. She wants me to try to find someone local who is a straight male that would be willing to help me fulfill these requests. Message me and I will give you more details