Traditionally I used to have more dominant leanings but over the past decade, I've been becoming more of a switch...

Back in 2016 I failed to meet a deadline I set myself at work, so I have to spend 11 minutes with my pathetic dicklet tied up to an outdoor fixture. Then I failed to hit the next double-or-quits deadline too so I have to do it while wearing women's clothes. I've fantasised about that many times but never done it.

I've assembled two outfits. In February 2021 I'm going to be home alone for a week and I'm planning on using the darkness to finally act this fantasy out.

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100% Switch
85% Rigger
84% Dominant
79% Owner
77% Experimentalist
76% Master/Mistress
75% Daddy/Mommy
74% Voyeur
72% Submissive
72% Rope bunny
65% Brat tamer
63% Exhibitionist
62% Vanilla
54% Non-monogamist
46% Slave
45% Primal (Hunter)
38% Pet
36% Primal (Prey)
34% Brat
30% Masochist
27% Sadist
22% Boy/Girl
15% Degrader
9% Degradee
0% Ageplayer
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