41yr old Dom been in the lifestyle active now for 20yrs

Mostly here for convo and good discussion. I’m also the person who anyone faking or lying probably hates because I call them out here. But I won’t stop looking out for the good of the community. If I’ve upset you, odds are you’re one of those type people. Not sorry. Get educated get a mentor and don’t come lying.

Some kink Info
dom/sub, master/slave sadism, anal, raw emotion, squirters, wax play, whipping, anything breast related, watersports, tpe, impact, clamps, mental, predicament, DP, hole stretching, object insertion, ice, Chem play, hum/deg, many more just ask. None are necessary deal breakers. I enjoy a variety of things with different people.
220 lbs
Height (feet/inch)
6' 1"
What are you here for?
  1. Friends
  2. Browsing
  3. Dating
  4. Dating (relocatable)
United States (East of the Rockies)
not telling


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