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  • Hi sum1. I've just sent you a pm as I need your help. I'm not sure it has reached you, though, as it isn't showing in my "Sent Items" folder. I tried over and over, so I hope I haven't flooded your inbox. Looking forward for your reply. Thank you in advance.
    I know you didn't just ban lil' slut 4 u, you fuckin' nigger, you know what happens to people who make me mad or ban me, me and my friend who was recently released from jail for murder, and one person who is part of getdare staff, is my best friend and that friend gets your ip address, I can track your computer, and boom, you deader then a dog that was shot in the head 50 times, so umm.... watch your back, or should I say your throat encase of a knife, and your head encase of a gun!!! Enjoy life while you still can.
    Hey. Thanks, I'm glad you like it :) That's pretty normal for me, I get very wet very easily.
    Yeah, I kinda figured. Sorry. I just really hate the idea of someone being able to do that to another person, and he could have posted the pics during the time before a mod reviewed that report.
    Hi sum1 could i ask for my account to be deleted please or the details removed from it i would be very grateful if you could.

    Thanks C
    Wow hang on a second. I have got an email from the slave that I got yesterday saying that he has decided that he wants them took down. He knew they were being taken for my album. He agreed to it so before you ban me, Get your facts straight. He gave me permission to post them, he has said as long as I blur out the eyes I can post them again. Please, learn your facts.
    Ok, now I know that you have more important things to do on this forum as you are sometimes the sole active moderator. You don't need to be running around after people who send me pictures for Thy Slaves Come and then change their mind for this reason I have added this to the description:

    DISCLAIMER: Do not send or ask for pictures to be uploaded to this album if your going to change your mind. So that no more moderators tamper with my album. Do not send pictures to be in this album if you don't want your picture to be in here. Once your picture goes in here, it stays in here.

    Now since I have added this, I'm sure some retards will ignore it and ask for the pictures to be taken down but please do not remove any more pictures from my album due to the fact everyone has been given a fair warning. If you get reports of underage users, don't delete the pic, shoot me a message and I'll see who it is and I'll try and investigate my self. This is too help both of us.
    Right I know what happened their. When I retrieved all the pictures back I litterly just found them all and posted them. I totaly forgot he didn't want it posted.
    Luckily, I managed to restore some pictures from my Recycling Bin stored on my computer. Now what I have done is I have asked all the people in the photos that I wasn't sure about and they have all confirmed their age to me as 18+ As you can probably see from most pictures, they are adult men so I hope it is fine now.
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