I am here to make friends and maybe find a permanent Daddy Dom. I am an ab/dl who is in a open relationship with a wonderful person. Sadly my partner has no interest in being a Daddy Dom but is open to me finding one. I have been seeing a local daddy Dom on a trial basis but he is aware of my activity on this site and getdare and has expressed his willingness to let me continue using it as long as I do not go see other doms IRL. He is also the one who convinced me to reopen my calendar for you all.

Rules: I am to ask three people here if I can change my filthy diaper if you would like. If someone says no I can add 30 minutes before I am aloud to ask someone else or the Dom I am meeting tells me to with out me asking. But I will change before bed

The only cumming I can have with out Daddy R's permission is a ruined orgasm.

Every ruined orgasm I have earns me 50 spanks to my pussy, clit, or asshole. Spanks may only total 700 per week, spanks over 700 rolls over to the next week or another punishment will be picked to "make up for it".

When alone and not on a work call I must be fully nude.

My breakfast may only be baby food that Daddy R and I pick out the Sunday before.

Breakfast must be eaten from a bowl on the floor with my hands behind my back.

Any time I am with Daddy R I will only eat from a dog bowl and the food is Daddy R's choice.

I may earn the chance to cum on Sundays with Daddy R if he feels I did a good job with all my tasks. Cumming is a privilege to be earned I am never guaranteed anything more than a ruined orgasm.

Daddy R invites you to add to my rules. Reasonable rules will be added if they are within my limits.

Toys:small silicone buttplugs, lube, nipple clamps, a penis pump (used to make pussy swollen), diapers, a 2L enema kit, bullet vibrator, a dildo, and house hold items.
New toys: lovense Bluetooth vibrator and clit/nipple pump.

Likes: diapers, enemas, edging, pumping my pussy swollen, fucking my pussy with my dildo, baby food

Dislikes: nipple clamps, spanking my clit and asshole, and anal stretches.

Limits:My limits are public, involving other people(except Daddy R on Saturday), permanent, blood, vomit, illegal, and nothing that will hurt too bad. Eating shit/drinking piss. I may not cum the closest I am allowed is a ruined orgasm.

newly added due to some very rude people NO PHOTOS!
October 7
Work from home tech support
120 lbs
Height (feet/inch)
4' 10"
What are you here for?
  1. Discussion
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  4. Education
  5. Dating
United States (West of the Rockies)



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