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    Cum denial

    Hello everyone I failed to do agreed tasks given my master my good.. I need to edge for every 2 hours Please comment "cum denial" Every comment counts as half a day and I wont cum for as many days as I receive comments Please comment and a lot coz I want to satisfy my master 😥
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    Need a sub

    One female and a male Dom in need of a female sub.. Pm if interested..
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    Switch now...

    I'm a slave but recently I started being a Dom to some people and I'm loving it.. I want to know know more about it.. I want to know more about Dom's.. Someone please tell me more about it.. I want to be a switch now..
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    Any piss humiliation ideas ? I'll do them when I'm alone 😅 but can I just get any ideas ? I dont drink piss though.. I tried once but I can't do that... Licking is OK though.. So any ideas ??
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    Need a mistress

    Can I find a bisexual or lesbian mistress in India who's younger.. ?? Likes : humiliation,light bdsm,piss,slavery,dog play, Dislikes : blood,public..
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    Piss dares

    I'm do in something after a lot of days. I want to do some piss dares. I'm not used to drinking piss yet though. I really want feel humiliated on myself. I'm dog and a slave. I live with my parents and I can only perform tasks in my washroom. I can't share any images. I love it when mistresses...
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    Cunt in need of tasks

    I need some humiliating tasks to peform. I need private tasks. No one should know that I'm doing something. I need a very humiliating task to do while working and when I'm on my system. No public,no pics,no blood. I love pet play (dog),humiliation, light bdsm. I love verbal humilation too I have...
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    Food Stuffed in panties

    OK so I'm back here So I'm in to pet play I love to be a dog. I think I'm in to filthy things too I love humiliation a lot. Right now there is food (chips) in my underwear near my clit and pussy. I even rubbed my clit and came like filthy pup.I'm now too wet. But I want to humiliate myself even...
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    My incomplete pussy punishment😭

    So today I tried to spread my pussy walls. I first clamped my right pussy wall and tied it to my thigh and I spread my my right thigh it was hurting a Lil. Then I took another clip and clamped it to the other one and tried to spread my legs but it was hurting a lot so removed the clamps but I...
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    Pet training

    I love to be pet to my mistress but I don't really have Dom 😭. Now I want to train myself as pet. I live with parents. I only do these things in my washroom. And I don't have any toys😣. I use cloth pins or hair clips toothbrush and toothpaste. to torture my clit and nipples. I sometimes add...
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    Self Bdsm punishment

    I love it when my pussy and nipples get punished I don't have any toys. But I really want my cunt and nipples to get punished. I can insert two tooth brush's back in my pussy. I can only do this in my washroom and under my bed sheet. I also use cloth pins to get clamped. I have tooth...