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    Verify Me

    That's now done!
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    The Official Kinktalk hucow herd!

    All cows welcome, just go back to the start of the thread and you can find out how to join.
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    26F - Do you believe as a true submissive i am ready to please you sexually and domestically

    So basically, alive and not a child? Can't call you too picky, lol...
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    Please note: If you have something you want to discuss with me please send me a dm...

    Please note: If you have something you want to discuss with me please send me a dm (conversation) and don't use chat. I get so many chat requests that I can never follow them all and so many go unnoticed and unreplied to.
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    Is that really a kink?

    Time for another installment of "Is that really a kink?", this time looking at extreme semen fetishes such as bukkake and gokkun. These fall under various descriptors, salirophilia, which is a paraphilia that enjoys messing up the appearance of someone else as well as hygrophilia which is an...
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    The cat ate my bikini

    Spring is racing along and summer is just around the corner, time to break out your swimmers and see how they fit after a long winter of good food and lounging around inside. Uh oh, looks like they shrunk! So how about it girls, pull out that swimwear and lets see how it fits. Looking for...
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    Kinky photo of the week.

    There has to be a caption for this one...
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    Is that really a kink?

    Welcome to what will (hopefully) become an occasional series discussing some of the weirder or more extreme kinks. To kick off we're going to look at something that while also a medical condition, is indeed a bona fide kink, and that is a prolapsed uterus. (Caution, photos included if you...
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    Rubber band snaps

    Just a quick "how to" for those not sure exactly what "snaps" are or how to do them. Really it's one of the simplest DIY's as it requires nothing more than a rubber band and can be self applied making it ideal for all the solo players out there. Just hook the band over two fingers, position...
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    She has sent pics to people from time to time.
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    The ultimate pussy torture?

    Withholding information huh, I'm sure there must be a suitable punishment for that...
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    Wedgies, diapers, Swirlies, and nipple torture - Will Provide Photos

    How about a nice bra connected wedgie while she scrubs the bathroom floor? Of course she has to use a toothbrush for the floor scrubbing and may as well drop in a swirly while she's there, just for fun.
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    The ultimate pussy torture?

    This is a good point, pardon the pun. I grabbed a closeup of them from one of the photos and it looks like these are quite blunt. Large nails like these usually have quite blunt tips anyway.
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    The ultimate pussy torture?

    Today I came across something very unusual, a kink toy I hadn't seen before. Now those are a bunch of 4" nails, welded into a crescent metal band on an adjustable stand and their use is highly suggestive. But what would it be like? To climb onto the ring of nails? Would it be the...
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    Verify Me

    That's completed, thanks for verifying
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    Kinky photo of the week.

    So how about this?
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    Experimental "lab rats", interested?

    Well it looks like we have a new test cohort, @Punishmeplease, @SophieTaylorXXX and now @Situva. Three victims, er, volunteers is enough to begin an experiment and since both @Punishmeplease and @SophieTaylorXXX specifically donated their pussies to science lets go with some experiments for...
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    Kinky photo of the week.

    This thread seems to sputtering along so I'll post another. I'm sure there are lots of possibilities here...
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    If my wife is pure Vanilla...

    @andrei my man, you've been around here longer than anyone so you know as much as any of us really. When it comes to luring in the truly vanilla you know you're on an uphill battle that most likely will lead nowhere. So for what it's worth here's a couple of ideas that I'll throw in the ring...
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    Whoa! I only just took a look at this, and seriously WTF???? Seems like a basically innocent question in the OP, "is pinching and squeezing likely to be some sort of health check?" which I guess it could be. As several people opined, just ask him. But then, it seems the wrath of the BDSM gods...