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  1. andrei

    Building a better nipple clamp

    Thanks a lot for your files. I am in a hurry and I will look later in my 3DS Max. I was thinking today: why not using a screw nut? I know (for me) is hard to draw it accurately (I don't use engineering stuff like Autocad). But if the plastic is soft enough a nut can keep the "fingers" in place...
  2. andrei

    Male subs and cum eating

    get him on the edge but forbid him to cum. If he does, he would ruin and eat it. From the floor, hand, wherever the cum went. funny to get to the edge several times. And a real ruined orgasm means the cum just pours out from the dick, and not the usual just taking hands off while it still gets...
  3. andrei

    Building a better nipple clamp

    would you please share the 3D print file? I find clothespins rather old vintage and useless. I never got nipple clamps from the market, I know my wife would hate them. But I love your 3 point design.
  4. andrei

    Cum but no ejaculation

    I found something amazing doing something like you. I tried to reach my dick with my mouth in younger age. But recently I was thinking of it and sometimes I do it in my dreams. This became a trigger for me a few times to check if I am dreaming or not (my priority was in fact trying lucid...
  5. andrei


    Let her decide that ;) I wish my girl smothers me until she finishes having her orgasm without caring about me. She just don't want to stay on top and rarely when I convince her she cares "are you breathing?" I respond "Shut up, I can take care of that myself!" No, I never got smothered enough...
  6. andrei

    My Punishment Bras

    I don't offer ideas I haven't tried before on myself. Tacks are removable. Infections maybe? I spread alcohol before using sharp metal things on myself. But where can those tacks go without feeling them? Naah, I don't think sitting on them you actually get them inside by accident. But it's just...
  7. andrei

    My Punishment Bras

    I had in mind to try putting tacs on a chair. Then sit on it, softly on the tacs and then suddenly legs up, bottom down against them! What do you think?
  8. andrei

    Is it normal for dommes with a dungeon to ask subs to buy toys

    If you just think it's a scam, don't bother. It is a scam. I honestly cracked a mistress' email long time ago (reason: I just hated her ads). While talking to her. I found that : a chat with someone else where she was from Phillipines and he was from US and they declared love. Then he was...
  9. andrei


    facesitting extasy is rarely experienced. Unless you have a BBW to play with.
  10. andrei

    masturbation over a crush

    Men love girls that make the first step. Just find a way to invite him to dinner or a movie. Do you travel? See his reaction when you invite him. His reaction can also be the opposite, just learn it. You will find out yourself if he likes you. Don't be ashamed if he might refuse, you would just...
  11. andrei

    Is it normal for dommes with a dungeon to ask subs to buy toys

    I am avoiding findoms. They ask for money. Some are asking for expensive presents, expensive toys = findom again. PS if a dom ask for a toy I think it might be legit. Maybe a dom wants it to use on you. I don't find findom way in asking for a toy but I am just saying. I'm not experienced in...
  12. andrei

    urethra burn when peeing

    And I am just seeing the post was from May. Probably the guy just died from the sounding experience... oh well sorry for bringing a post up.
  13. andrei

    urethra burn when peeing

    I am editing my post because I activated my story mode habit.... I will restart to the straight answer you wanted: Simply: say to your doctor you got a cold and it hurts down there. Explain how it hurts, don't worry about that. It's a common symptom, the doctor will simply treat you for...
  14. andrei

    Share your Secret Fantasies

    I recently discovered CBT is nice. I need to find ideas to make it painful.
  15. andrei

    Cigarette play - burning

    Experience: on tongue is very little torture by the way. Once I tried a self inflicted cigarette mark on my leg. Interesting that the pain went away instantly. And the mark disappeared in a month.
  16. andrei

    Is there such thing as too big of feet on a female?

    Girls' long feet mean the girl is a panther. That's what I feel like. They are not masculine as some believe (they are long but thin). Short feet are just cute but long are good for a feminine dominance:) But I wouldn't worry about. Both short and long are feminine and sexy.
  17. andrei

    Working together both physical and emotional in a kink

    I think if you want to achieve a cuckold fetish you need to find someone like a male prostitute. Dunno. Nevermind that. In your relation if he feels bad about the situation, give him a little time and suggest to spend a little time making love to you and praise him like he did the same good job...
  18. andrei

    Ideas for tasks with an inflatable plug

    Erm is it vibrating? I have got one inflating and vibrating. It's easier to insert while vibrating. Of course public places is a must to try.
  19. andrei

    Some tight fun

    Got me curious to buy erection pills. Can you share the name and where to get? Not Viagra, curious of other trends.
  20. andrei

    How to make a penis itch?

    Come on, there are so many options in Supermarkets choosing between Chilly and Chilly sauce and Tabasco. Nettles sting less time than pepper. Poison Ivy? never tried, I am curious but I can't find it here.