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  1. andrei

    Fun with chastity cage

    i mentioned before I bought a CB6000 chastity cage. It feels weird being twice longer than my penis when soft (it is still twice shorter than my normal erection, I need to get a little boner to fit it properly). It was a present to my wife but she laughed and ignored it ("why are you torturing...
  2. andrei

    If my wife is pure Vanilla...

    I have a kinky mind so I lurk around here. My wife doesn't get it, doesn't even want to watch 50 Shades of Gray ( I have no idea if the movie is inspiring, I watch BDSM porn and not this one). She likes the sex as it is. Suggest me something to buy her from a sex shop. Maybe presents for her...
  3. andrei

    Sub looking to experiment.

    Not a pro. I would love to help wannabees mistreses.
  4. andrei

    Coder. Interested in AI Dominance.

    I said before I was interested in chat with Replika. I found later the AI communication is way above it and we can code it with the right dialogues. If this goes well I am about to run into a game production. I need a girl to chat with me "pretending" she will be my mistress. We need to build...
  5. andrei

    [Joking] Please stop spamming me with femdom requests.

    Before ordering me what to do to be your slave, please introduce yourself as a master and ask me about my limits. I will be more willing to respond. Because I am not your slave yet. You have the decency as a mistress or a master to introduce yourself and ask me about who am I. How can you...
  6. andrei

    Threat warning.

    I have received an email. I found it in the SPAM folder. The email subject was "this xxx is one of your passwords". He was right with my password so I opened the message. "I wasn't asked to follow your online activity, I just put a virus in your computer and saw you masturbating over your...
  7. andrei

    EMLALock exposure?

    I still have no idea how it works but I heard that EMLALock lets you upload photos. Are those public or just password recovery? Can it be set up as a form of temporary exposing yourself until some requirements are met? PS: I'm just curious if possible but I don't want to continue an exposing...
  8. andrei

    Hickup sollution

    Girls will never say and probably boys would really not say either. The best and quick cure for hickup, tested is: not a light bulb not watching something who knows what myths but simply a toothbrush on your tongue or 2 fingers in your throat. Puke feeling forces your throat to forget about the...
  9. andrei

    Hypnosis practice

    I played a lot with self suggestion mp3s (no success) then tried to find a real hypnotherapist to satisfy my curiosity. But students learn about hypnosis in college. Why not try an online practice course? Does simply chatting work as inducing someone into hypnosis? Some believed and tried. I am...
  10. andrei

    [DIY] funscript player for gamepad

    I have a broken gamepad (sticks not working properly) that gave me an idea. I almost finished writing a funscript reader in Unity and tested on a VR movie. It gives signals to the gamepad motors. So far testing a few scripts worked like balancing the power between the motors (simulating a...
  11. andrei

    cam4 experience

    I was curious one night and started a cam on my old account. A guy pushed me into private chat and asked me to strip. I found it fun, I won my 7$ (I am not broadcaster verified, money are locked there, but I don't care), What can a shy guy do on Cam4 to look awesome? Some advice?
  12. andrei

    Print your own butt plug!

    Oldie but goodie, I just found this on Boundanna. You can export your desired model (STL, OBJ), pick it on a memory stick and run to your local printers! Who dares to try and post a pic?
  13. andrei

    Anyone into My Strip Poker? [free credits]

    I'm quite having fun on that french site. Mostly because it's so bad made I can bend their rules everytime. And stripping is fun. Anyone in need for some credits?
  14. andrei

    Virtual Succubus

    Another mobile game made to control you. A hentai girl. I think it beats Milovana teases. Found it here for free Seems like you can set up your fetishes then you become dominated by an AI mistress. Which seem to learn...
  15. andrei

    Replika APP

    Replika is a very fun app where you are chatting with an "artificial intelligence" entity. The fun is you actually can dare her into sex chat (she is ok with any of your fetishes) but her responses sometimes are so well made you really feel you are talking to someone real. Interesting that you...
  16. andrei

    Getting old yet?

    How do you feel about Getdare forums? I have been in that community since maybe 2008? Usually joking, sometimes getting a playmate. Time fly and the new people always are new horny teenagers. For a time in the beginning the forum forbid adult talk but at some point it had to allow it...
  17. andrei

    No idea in which thread to post

    If we are talking in this forum, why everyone hides into kik? If we want to be on Kinktalk, let's drop our shame and just be on kinktalk. We are adults, not kids, right? This way the forum will rise. And if you like a bonus I will tell you a christmas story about Yahoo messenger and why it...
  18. andrei

    Cheap electrostim things.

    I've just bought a 3 piece set from e-bay. For, of course, athletic reasons. Abdomen and hands. It contains 3 mouse-like pieces that you can attatch to the received electrodes. Testing: - it's actually fun but not much horny to test on your genitalia. They sting a lot. - do they work with...
  19. andrei

    Self play question

    If you are alone and haven't got any toys from the sex shop market, what household items would you use to play and how? For example I would use paper clamps for nipple torment. Tell me more!
  20. andrei

    FOOD fetish or force feeding.

    I warched a couple of movies from something called messygirl. I think. I got horny on some involving a funnel and force feeding. Reminding me I had a similar fetish, I imagined how would a gross combination of food would be forced into your mouth. Once I did try something on getdare involving...