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  1. paddledmale28

    Corner time

    Do you get corner time with your spankings? If so, how? if I get the corner, I’m naked, hands behind back, longest I’ve had is 45 minutes.
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    Spanking with wordle

    This seems fun. spanking but with wordle
  3. paddledmale28

    Love and Leashes-Netflix Movie

    Has anyone watched the netflix movie love and leashes? I had high hopes for it after reading some things about it online, but I couldn’t get into it. Maybe something was lost in translation in the English dubbing. The bdsm scenes seemed decent, but the the acting seemed to jump to conclusions...
  4. paddledmale28

    Task generator

    This looks promising and could be used in a variety of ways
  5. paddledmale28

    Decide where I cum

    Please give me instructions on where I should cum and what I should do with the cum. Feel free to message me if you want. Thank you.
  6. paddledmale28

    Male subs and cum eating

    When a male sub is allowed to cum, what do you do with the cum?
  7. paddledmale28

    Good boy/girl kink

    Anyone else like being called a good boy/girl? Like be a good boy and edge for me 5 times....or you took your spanking like a good boy.
  8. paddledmale28

    Need punishment ideas

    Looking for some inspiration for some punishment. I have some toys. Hard limits: illegal, scat, feet, blood.
  9. paddledmale28

    Cum play / eating

    When your male sub is granted permission to orgasm, do you have him lick it up/eat it? Do you have him cum on his face? What’s the best way you have had him eat his cum?
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  11. paddledmale28

    Gates of hell

    The gates of hell are kinda cock rings and kinda chastity device. Does anyone know how long it is safe to wear them?
  12. paddledmale28

    Gates of hell chastity

    The gates of hell are kinda cock rings and kinda chastity device. Does anyone know how long it is safe to wear them?
  13. paddledmale28

    Kink 2 truths and a lie

    Which is the lie? I’ve been in rope suspension I’ve had 50 clothespins on my cock and balls I’ve been caned to bruises Post/message me your guess. Feel free to add your own.
  14. paddledmale28

    Butt plugs

    When I use a butt plug I get like an instant erection, complete with pre cum leakage. I am able to maintain my excitement with very little effort while plugged. Has anyone else experienced something like this?
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    Spanking implements

    Has anyone used this site before to buy spanking implements? If so, how is it? More specifically, what’s the difference, sting wise, between the and...
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    Kink in the news

    Gwyneth Paltrow made some headlines with her gift guide Bdsm in news
  17. paddledmale28

    Keep it simple

    I feel as if most people over complicate bdsm. Of course, people vary with their kinks. So perhaps, this is more self reflective than anything else. But doing chores naked is kinky. Especially if your partner is home and clothed. Cooking/baking naked is kinky. Online shopping / social media...
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    August promotion?

    Will there be an August verification promotion?
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    Have you ever been spanked until you cried? It’s something I’ve always wanted to try. I’ve come close to tears from a spanking but never cried.
  20. paddledmale28

    JOI and CEI

    Anyone else into jerk off instruction (joi) and or cum eating instruction (cei)? I find most very excellent in getting me to feel very submissive.