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  1. subbysecret

    What outfit/s should I get next?

    Please check out my latest try on gallery of new sissy clothes either here or on imagefap, I love your dirty comments
  2. subbysecret

    Bouncing big boobs.

    OMFG!!! Thank you Candie 😍🌡️🥵
  3. subbysecret

    What outfit/s should I get next?

    Which lingerie set/s do you think I should get? It will be going with a plaid skirt and some short shorts that will hopefully show off my ass a lot better than the first pair I tried... I also have a pink bikini and a white tie-up blouse, and a pair of black hold up stockings
  4. subbysecret

    What outfit/s should I get next?

    I have a plaid skirt already and I want to do more with it, it's very soft and very short
  5. subbysecret

    Tell me your wildest fantasy that you want to do but can't

    I want to put my wife in stocks, naked except for stockings and high heels and with her tits tied to the posts either side and heavy clamps hanging from her nipples. Outside somewhere we're alone but there is a low to moderate risk of somebody coming along and seeing her like that. I want to...
  6. subbysecret

    Tell Me More!

    Absolutely more, the pictures in your media are incredible! It would be fun to see them in a bra that ends where the seam under your nipple is (would that be a quarter cup bra?) underneath a sheer black top or bodysuit
  7. subbysecret

    What outfit/s should I get next?

    I'm possibly going to be home alone for another week of crossdressing / sissification / feminisation next October and I'm looking for ideas of what outfits to get and what to do in them? I definitely want to do more picture galleries and videos. Check out the ideas I have so far or send me...
  8. subbysecret

    Looking for cbt dares

    Best CBT adventure I ever had was tying myself to the lawnmower handle and the vacuum cleaner. An easy one is just tying it up real tight and trying to cum to some good porn... It hurts so good
  9. subbysecret

    Why did you become interested in BDSM or other kinky sex?

    To be honest, I can't remember a time when I wasn't kinky. I used to like playing in woods or walking home after dark with my cock out, pressing it against things in the woods or when I was alone in a classroom at school... My first memory of masturbation is around five years old, I was obsessed...
  10. subbysecret

    41M Switch with sissy tendencies, Ask Me Anything

    I'm bored, horny and currently alone working from home, who wants to chat?
  11. subbysecret

    Bouncing big boobs.

    @sexycandie1 wow, absolutely amazing! I really love how up for it you are, thanks for the great videos
  12. subbysecret

    I have a question for the married men...

    I'd call her my sexy tart and ask her to show me some of her pictures and comments Then i'd ask if she wanted me to do her a tribute to them or just cum on her actual tits. I'm still not sure I'd dare to show her content I'd posted of myself... 🤔 Depends how kinky she got with her own pics I...
  13. subbysecret

    Bouncing big boobs.

    Everyone LOVES it!!! Thank you 😊
  14. subbysecret

    Last nights punishment

    I've seen them used in a video before, how painful are they?
  15. subbysecret

    Who wants to see these udder’s?

    Sorry I missed out on the fun, but it was super sexy, you looked amazing in all the positions
  16. subbysecret

    shave my slut?

    I agree, I wouldn't dare to mandate body hair for a woman, but when I had my adventures I was fully shaved, as sissies should be
  17. subbysecret

    tits and gags and collars and leashes

    Lovely. Very hot
  18. subbysecret

    Advice on maybe slutty dress?

    Super sexy, I kind of like the idea of you wearing it with a butt plug or the telltale pink extension of a Lovense vibe?
  19. subbysecret

    kidnap me

    Damn, where did I read on here about women being kidnapped and taken to a dungeon where they had to do their day jobs by remote working while being tied up and toyed?
  20. subbysecret

    My Punishment Bras

    I love seeing them and reading about wearers' experiences with them, not sure I'd do it to my wife even if she was kinky though...