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    Married sissy for use

    36 year old married with kids. Looking for anyone to help me be a better sissy. Especially by sending me task. My k I k is Amysissyfag
  2. J

    Married fat sissy slave for use by all

    Looking for Dom's to use and abuse me on kik. I love to serve and please.
  3. J

    Sissy task needed

    Hello, i live a normal live as a masculine guy with a wife and kid, but deep down I'm a sissy slut. Love to find a dom of any sex to use me on Snapchat. To give me task or dares to do and me send pics or vids on Snapchat as proof. I do have access to fem clothes and toys. Jesusjones874 is my snap
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    dares and task

    hello, 32 male construction worker here. I am looking for a master or mistress to give me dares or task to complete as I go threw the day. Would b even more awesome if I was added to a group of doms so they could all use me and see me as i complete the dares and task. kik me at jesusjones666
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    chubby slave for use

    hello, I'm am a 31 year old male slave. i am 5'10 with a small cock. i am looking for a master or mistress to use and abuse me. I like piss play, anal abuse, light cbt, forced fem, tying my balls, sounding, and I'm sure much more I'm forgetting. i have several toys and access to some fem...
  6. J

    use me, you know you want to

    30 male here looking for a master or mistress to use me on kik. I love to serve. your age and sex don't matter to me. I love being given task to do and me sending photos or videos as proof. I like anal play, stretching, ball stretching, some piss play, some cbt, forced fem, such as being made to...
  7. J

    Kik sub for rough use :)

    Hi! I am 30, male, 5'10" and 220lbs. I am looking for a dom or doms to use me on kik. I am chubby with a small useless clitty for a penis. I have several toys and some fem clothes. My limits are; anything illegal, anything to expose my true idenitty to others, showing face, extreme pain or...
  8. J

    male sub for mistress, my gf will help you use me

    I am a 29 year old male switch. I am 5'10", 235lbs. I live with my gf who will help you use me or even join in from time to time. She is 24, 4'11". If you are a mistress and this interest you, please hit me up on kik Jesusjones666. I do have limits, but there reasonable. Thank you for reading...
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    bitch to humiliate and insult on kik id sluthumiliator

    Hello, I'm a guy who really loves to be humiliated and made to feel like the little bitch I am. I put random food up my ass, have trouble controlling my bladder due to bad urethral play, and have a very small penis. Just some things to help u humiliate me**I like to resist at first, but if you...
  10. J

    use me, you know you want to

    I am a 25, five foot ten inches, 235lbs, with a pathetic small penis. I have many toys, and panties. I am looking for a master or mistress to use me on kik. Jesusjones666 . I have few limits and love to serve and obey
  11. J

    24, chubby, m, kik slave with many toys and panties

    Hello, looking for a mistress or master to use me on kik. I have many toys for your pleasure. And panties also. Would love for you to use me for your pleasure. I have few limits within reason. Please write me on kik to use me. Kik is jesusjones666
  12. J

    chubby sissy for use

    Hello master or mistress. chubby sissy here with few limits. Would love to be your kik slave. I have toys, panties and stockings, plus a small clitty for a dick. My kik is jesusjones666
  13. J

    small clitty, sub boy for anyone!

    Hello sir/mistress. I am looking for a Dom of any type use me for there pleasure on kik or Skype. I have some toys, panties, rope, elastics, clothes pegs, and a nice small clitty. My limits are reasonable. Nothing illegal or serious injury. Please use me and make me Into your personal bitch :)...
  14. J

    use me now

    29 year old chubby bitch with a small clitty looking to be used. I have panties to wear and some toys also. My limits are broad. I want you to use my on kik or Skype. Make me your bitch master or mistress. Kik is jesusjones666, message me on there and leave your Skype if you want to use me on Skype.
  15. J

    use me abuse me

    Hello sir or mistress, I am 28 year old chubby sub with a small cock. I'm am desperately looking for some one to use me on Kik or Skype. I like some cbt, tying balls up, anal play, some piss play, being told what to do and controlled and I'm sure there's much more you can show me that I...