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    Ideas to punish 18 year old pussy and tits

    A ruler or hair brush is preferable. I will except a belt
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    Ideas to punish 18 year old pussy and tits This will fix the dice problem
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    Ideas to punish 18 year old pussy and tits

    Roll a D6 x5 multiplier so roll a 6 would be 30 swats. Use a ruler preferred or a hairbrush on your pussy. If you're feeling daring double the swats to your tits so 60 per tip. If you're looking for something that'll be a reminder while you're not actively playing a little toothpaste on your...
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    How do you find a boyfriend if your really really really ugly?

    Consider beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Your post seems fairly vague though. Do you consider yourself ugly? Is it something that plays into a kink of yours and you're wanting a boyfriend that will enjoy that kink? If it's a yes that you consider yourself ugly and it doesn't play into a...
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    Rules regarding everyday clothes?

    Posting a little more of what you're looking for could be helpful. Also adding in your kik ID if you want to be contacted on kik would help
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    KIK Inspection & Rating: Pussy, Ass, Cock, Boobs, etc.

    Kik: mooseandsquirrle Role:inspected/inspector Preferable to inspect the ladies anywhere they'd like inspected
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    SubA submissive slave positions angelstheone

    Fantastic display of the slave positions. Well done!
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    A good Dom should be an effective communicator.

    I do agree with your statement. I would add that it's just as important for a sub to at least attempt to clearly communicate in return. Communication is a two way street and if it isn't a dominant may feel that they're speaking to a brickwall and the relationship will crumble. Much like a...
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    Switch 4 Women  M Switch for a F switch or sub

    Hello there, I'm looking for a lady that would like to chat a bit and get a foundation down instead of just straight to playing. I work some pretty long and regularly irregular hours and having someone semi constant to play with helps pass the time. Primarily my kinks include; Orgasm...
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    I would think that should get some sort of react more than lol Edit: Also that is a rather alluring photo🔥
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    Consideration of online play partner

    This is really a two fold post in that one health and safety should be a booming topic within the kink community. Not to shame however to be fully aware and cognitive of the short and long term effects of play. Second part is in reference to the headline. When you're playing online with a sub...
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    Dealing with guilt

    I know this is an older thread. I'm going to state a few things first off. I've been around kink longer than I should have. My kinks and fantasies are polar opposites. It hasn't been until this past year where I've really started looking into my mental health overall instead of just covering...
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    Toy virgin!

    As Merlin stated there are many different toys and ways to use them. Prices range greatly as well and thankfully the market has changed from strictly you get what you pay for to there's affordable options that work well. I do enjoy using toys on my partner be it a dildo or a vibrator sometimes...
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    needing to be humiliated And punished due to back talk.

    Pee in a glass while licking the toilet seat. Any pee that hits the floor you have to lick up. Afterwards pour the pee on your head allowing it to run down your face
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    Hello 27M Dom for a woman or passable sissy/trans

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for a woman or trans/sissy that's into either anal and or pussy stretching, humiliation and degradation. There's plenty more kinks I'd love to play with but it will depend on your limits. I've been both Dom and sub before but being Dominant is more my roll. I prefer...
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    Publicizing my punishment

    I'm sure. But it seems to be fitting for you. I'm not fully sure what all you're into though
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    Publicizing my punishment

    That's a shame you could have been fully broken by now. But I do understand.
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    Publicizing my punishment

    Why did your bladder control untraining stop?
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    KIK Inspection & Rating: Pussy, Ass, Cock, Boobs, etc.

    Inspected mgurl 6/10 well shaved, nice stockings and a properly soft clitty. Little on the chubby side but that's fine. Decent ass bit of cushion for pounding. Hole looks used but still tight
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    KIK Inspection & Rating: Pussy, Ass, Cock, Boobs, etc.

    In to inspect and rate. Kik berzerk69