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    Cucumber Liberation Army

    FREE THE CUCUMBERS!!! Buy A Bed Buddies Sex Toy Instead. lol
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    Home bondage starter kit

    I own an online adult products store in Australia. My partner and I started Bed Buddies due to the lack of good value products on the market. We are amateurs when it comes to bondage, however we have enjoyed testing and playing with some of our own products. We would welcome some feedback on the...
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    Best Brands

    I own an Australian based online adult products store and Im looking at fine tuning my product range, as I currently have over 4000 products and I think my customers might be suffering from product choice paralysis where they choose nothing because there are too many...
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    Resource: Sex Toy Website Links

    Bed Buddies is an Australian online adult products store ( We ship exclusively to Australian and New Zealand customers only. We offer free shipping on all orders, and an automatic 20% discount on all orders over $200. We have a kink/fetish collection that Aussie and Kiwi...