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    The wooden pony

    If you want to teach her how to sand, this is the perfect thing to practice on! Bet she'd be able to hand sand literally anything to a high gloss finish
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    Sporty male slave in need of dom/domme

    Aww poor thing, it looks like you've been looking for awhile :( I'm in the Americas but I do believe I'm interested
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    Tits or Clamps

    Looks ready to go to the hunting camp to me, envy of the whole lodge
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    Used as a target.

    I've done a tiny bit of paintballing way back, I still have a padded jacket somewhere I think. Don't think I've ever considered a fully one sided game of it though...
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    Looking for advice on crossdressing and feminization dressing for a plus size sissy

    I know this is a subsection of femdom so if this isn't the place for me I can move on but an apron is usually able to fit most people since the strings are typically quite long. A pink or frilly or even cliche maid outfit style apron can do wonders and is even possibly able to be explained away...
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    I only just found out about this from somebody else's profile. I did this one really quick so might need to update my link later but Your turn?
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    Woman with foot fetish

    I opened this category thinking exactly this same question, glad to see at least one thread about it. I know I like getting my feet rubbed, it can be so relaxing and a sudden lick or kiss is such an easy way for a pet or slave to signal how frisky they may be at the moment.
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    "Exotic Pets"

    I just had this odd flash of inspiration that I'm sure has been thought of before but What about a sheep? Whole body or just head, I'm thinking what if the sheep was cared for and washed and brushed all year until the summer, then a tight shear for maximum length to sell or donate for wigs...
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    == Results from == 100% Master/Mistress 98% Dominant 98% Owner 97% Degrader 94% Rigger 94% Sadist 92% Voyeur 81% Brat tamer 80% Primal (Hunter) 80% Daddy/Mommy 79% Experimentalist 78% Non-monogamist 61% Exhibitionist 46% Ageplayer 20% Vanilla 19% Switch
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    31M fit human toilet looking for total life control, zero rights, hardcore punishments and absolute obedience TPE dynamic - willing to travel/relocate

    I mean it sounds like you might be open to owning him, then with you owning him I could own the both of you without inherently ruining his sexual orientation
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    Chemical Chastity Belt

    Lidocaine patches are a thing, usually for large areas like the back, perhaps we need specially marked boxes of lidocaine condoms. Ideally very well labeled so you don't accidentally give the wrong side to the wrong person!
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    31M fit human toilet looking for total life control, zero rights, hardcore punishments and absolute obedience TPE dynamic - willing to travel/relocate

    Didn't notice your straight tag until I'd already opened the page, though reading Queem's reply I'm sure a package deal could work out :D
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    Introduce Yourself

    I own some land, which happens to include a basement, and I'd like to move people in for fun and pleasure. Admittedly my fun and my pleasure but yours is good too. I'm kidding of course, fun to be had by all! I'm looking to own, have experience with health restrictions, and a genuine interest...
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    New to this space, poking around, hello!

    New to this space, poking around, hello!