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  1. darlinq

    i want to be kidnapped and raped

    i want to be used and raped and overall abused badly enough that you rewire my brain and force me into stockholm syndrome. i want to truly believe i'm worth nothing if not serving anything with a cock. i want to believe that this is love. please rewire me for your own filth
  2. darlinq

    Kik Slave market

    smart idea!! sub female from colorado! 19 bbw, kik is belladarlinq
  3. darlinq

    I want someone to choose how i do my hair and makeup during work

    I work for a pizza company, delivering food! I have to wear my work shirt and fitted jeans, but there's not really a rule on makeup or hair. I am suppose to wear a hat but nobody does aha. text me:) my next shift is tomorrow night~
  4. darlinq

    The Stables,(Hucows,Puppies, Kittens,Ponies,Etc.)

    19 Female BBW pupslut message me here:) or kik! belladarlinq
  5. darlinq

    The Stables,(Hucows,Puppies, Kittens,Ponies,Etc.)

    exchange of fluids, but now i'm curious at what paper training is??
  6. darlinq

    The Stables,(Hucows,Puppies, Kittens,Ponies,Etc.)

    Hi! I'm a pupslut, and I'm wanting to meet more people and chat! maybe get some new fantasies hehe. a bit about me, i'm 19 from denver and i have a bunch of kinks haha you can message me here or on kik or insta, all belladarlinq. if youd like to know my taboos go ahead and ask hehe kinks...
  7. darlinq

    Stockholm Syndrome

    Hi! My username for most of anything is @belladarlinq for can message me! I'm a BBW 19 yr old from Denver :) I desperately need to be brainwashed, beat and broken down so i can be rebuilt as the perfect brain dead bimbo whore. i'm into the extremes and many taboos that you'll have to pm me to...