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    Small Breast Humiliation

    Even my chest is bigger and I'm a guy
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    Internet Safety

    Let's start this off with your safety is your responsibility! You don't know who's on the other end. You don't know the research they've put into a task, whether they're trust worthy and they don't know you or what you can handle. At least not at first and even then there's numerous stories of...
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    Switch 4 Women M Switch for a F switch or sub

    Giving this a bump. Female preference or fem
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    Bisexual Male Switch St. Louis 30 Are you fun, exploritive, and a bit of a masochist?

    Hello there, I'm looking for a potential online sub that understands that there are limitations to online play and that timing may not always line up. However can maintain some communication even when spotty. Time zones aren't terribly important to me since I work a rotating shift and thats when...
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    Kik Slave market

    Dom looking for a preferably masochist sub I'm sadistic yet caring. I don't really like jumping straight to play, I enjoy talking and establishing a base before we play. Kik: x69rooster69 Ladies and fem please. Also be willing to verify
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    How do you find a boyfriend if your really really really ugly?

    A munch is a causal get together for local people interested in BDSM/fetishes/kink at a public location without any BDSM/fetish/kink activities taking place. It allows for a safe environment to meet and get to know local people with similar interests to you.
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    How do you find a boyfriend if your really really really ugly?

    If you're wanting a relationship online or in person. Then you'll need to open up and be more involved in either local community or the forums that you're trying to find a suitor. As it stands now the only posting you have on KT is within this thread and you've been fairly vague in your responses
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    How do you find a boyfriend if your really really really ugly?

    I'm really with @SilverBlue this. What are you looking for from the deviants of kinktalk? What is that you're wanting?
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    Looking for a strict and controlling dom, online, nonsexual

    Well that could be fun. Definitely a different than normal dynamic
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    First off this sounds like a terrible experience and its unfortunate you had to endure it. I'm just curious on a few things: Are you doing better now? Bad scenes can leave a nasty mark Was this online or in person? Did the scene completely shut down after using your safe word?
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    Ideas to punish 18 year old pussy and tits

    A ruler or hair brush is preferable. I will except a belt
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    Ideas to punish 18 year old pussy and tits This will fix the dice problem
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    Ideas to punish 18 year old pussy and tits

    Roll a D6 x5 multiplier so roll a 6 would be 30 swats. Use a ruler preferred or a hairbrush on your pussy. If you're feeling daring double the swats to your tits so 60 per tip. If you're looking for something that'll be a reminder while you're not actively playing a little toothpaste on your...
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    How do you find a boyfriend if your really really really ugly?

    Consider beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Your post seems fairly vague though. Do you consider yourself ugly? Is it something that plays into a kink of yours and you're wanting a boyfriend that will enjoy that kink? If it's a yes that you consider yourself ugly and it doesn't play into a...
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    Rules regarding everyday clothes?

    Posting a little more of what you're looking for could be helpful. Also adding in your kik ID if you want to be contacted on kik would help
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    KIK Inspection & Rating: Pussy, Ass, Cock, Boobs, etc.

    Kik: mooseandsquirrle Role:inspected/inspector Preferable to inspect the ladies anywhere they'd like inspected
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    A good Dom should be an effective communicator.

    I do agree with your statement. I would add that it's just as important for a sub to at least attempt to clearly communicate in return. Communication is a two way street and if it isn't a dominant may feel that they're speaking to a brickwall and the relationship will crumble. Much like a...
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    Switch 4 Women  M Switch for a F switch or sub

    Hello there, I'm looking for a lady that would like to chat a bit and get a foundation down instead of just straight to playing. I work some pretty long and regularly irregular hours and having someone semi constant to play with helps pass the time. Primarily my kinks include; Orgasm...
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    I would think that should get some sort of react more than lol Edit: Also that is a rather alluring photo🔥