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  1. J

    Cellmate v2

    Its a bit of a quirky app, you cant really self keyhold (you can but you can unlock at anytime) even if you do have a keyholder you can unpair with them. There is an extreme option but you have to be locked for 30 days before you can give that person absolute trust. The shock feature is nice...
  2. J ?

    Hi has anyone heard of I heard about it on fet, but no real reviews. Its a keyholding service and cheaper than any online mistress I have come across. They have one lock in stock and I'm tempted, but wanted to see if anyone had any experience with this?
  3. J

    Kinktalk & Getdare Anti-sopa blackout?

    I haven't seen anything regarding this, but a few of my favourite sites such as Wikipedia and FetMe are having a 24 hour blackout with some sites even being knocked offline for a full 24 hours on Wednesday 18th December at 5am UTC... Since theres a lot of users on KT and GD I'm suprised nothing...