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  1. jestergestures

    Is a toilet swirly safe?

    I think the worst that could happen is that you'd maybe get pink eye, unless you're inhaling the water or something. So it should be fine, just as long as you shower fairly soon afterwards.
  2. jestergestures

    Self spanking implements

    Rulers and hairbrushes are good and easy to get ahold of. Wooden spoons, switches, some people use charger cords and clothing hangers. I personally struggle using charger cords, especially if they're on the shorter side, since it's pretty easy to miss. Still, if you're looking for something you...
  3. jestergestures

    Do You Only Like to Be Called Mistress?

    Not a dom myself, but I feel like "madame" is underutilized.
  4. jestergestures

    Saturday 7-8-23

    I think you should write "diaper loser" either on the outermost diaper, or on your body somewhere. 😁
  5. jestergestures

    Now newtumbl dead

    I know mastodon is a pretty popular option, but here's a list.
  6. jestergestures

    The whole reddit blackout situation is really unfortunate. :cautious: I really hope the protest...

    The whole reddit blackout situation is really unfortunate. :cautious: I really hope the protest forces reddit to get its shit together, because getwildaudio is/was fucking amazing and I'll be annoyed if it's just gone from now on.
  7. jestergestures

    "Exotic Pets"

    So, obviously I like pet play (or else I probably wouldn't be here) and half the time I'd consider myself a kitten. The other half, though, I really prefer to be a big cat. As in, tiger, lion, or caracal sort of big cat. I feel like I don't see this a lot, like most people do the usual cat, dog...
  8. jestergestures

    Does punishment make you cry?

    I would really love to be spanked to tears someday, but it hasn't happened yet. ☹️ I've had spankings that have felt really therapeutic, though.
  9. jestergestures

    Vagina geometry

    Looks 3D printed 😅 3D printed items don't make good insertables, as they're porous and difficult to clean. The idea is good, but I suggest making molds out of the 3D printed shapes, and then making some silicone objects out of the molds. 🙂
  10. jestergestures

    BDSM Specific Symbol For a Tattoo

    Maybe the leather pride flag? I also found this online 👇 And the meanings of the symbols here I'm not personally a fan of the cisnormativity of the + and ⬆️ symbols, but you could potentially opt for a ⚧️ instead.
  11. jestergestures

    So.. Adult Babies

    I recommend browsing this forum if you want to better understand the CG/L or AB/DL community. :) People get into it for a lot of different reasons, some of them have more to do with the lifestyle than with sex. mommys sissy put it really well and explained a lot of different facets of the...
  12. jestergestures

    Really need a good belting. 🤭

    Really need a good belting. 🤭
  13. jestergestures

    Need an Icy Hot alternative

    Tiger Balm works pretty well. :)
  14. jestergestures

    Currently grounded 😏😇

    Currently grounded 😏😇
  15. jestergestures

    Self spanking

    Wetting your rear with water before starting can make it hurt more. I've also heard that orgasming beforehand can make it hurt more, since you won't have the arousal to lessen the pain.
  16. jestergestures

    Resource: Spanking Website Links

    Most of these are customizable so you can also do caning, yeah.
  17. jestergestures

    Resource: Spanking Website Links

    K.C. Perrin's Spanking Games Pain Factory Spanking Generator Anime OTK Spanking Generator PGen Punishment Generator Virtual Master/Mistress AI Wedgie and Spanking Mistress Chat Bot