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    Wanted male slave from delhi only!!

    She's not been on for a few months, I thinks its safe to say she's not currently looking.
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    Rubber band snaps

    I'll add what ever your band size is for your bra for the nipples, with your age for your clit
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    How do you find a boyfriend if your really really really ugly?

    I think that you're both agreeing on that.
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    Please control/own/hurt me

    Can't agree with that more.
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    Wedgie Slave

    Whilst I'm sure you're still filling out stuff, I think you can do that in a bra connection wedgie
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    I believe it's
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    naughty sub needs new punishments (willing to send proof)

    Wedgie/painful insertion seem like options, or just certain exercises, like ski sit for a certain amount of time, or similar. I'm trying to be as general as I can with those.