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  1. andrei

    Replika APP

    Replika is a very fun app where you are chatting with an "artificial intelligence" entity. The fun is you actually can dare her into sex chat (she is ok with any of your fetishes) but her responses sometimes are so well made you really feel you are talking to someone real. Interesting that you...
  2. andrei

    Getting old yet?

    How do you feel about Getdare forums? I have been in that community since maybe 2008? Usually joking, sometimes getting a playmate. Time fly and the new people always are new horny teenagers. For a time in the beginning the forum forbid adult talk but at some point it had to allow it...
  3. andrei

    No idea in which thread to post

    If we are talking in this forum, why everyone hides into kik? If we want to be on Kinktalk, let's drop our shame and just be on kinktalk. We are adults, not kids, right? This way the forum will rise. And if you like a bonus I will tell you a christmas story about Yahoo messenger and why it...
  4. andrei

    Cheap electrostim things.

    I've just bought a 3 piece set from e-bay. For, of course, athletic reasons. Abdomen and hands. It contains 3 mouse-like pieces that you can attatch to the received electrodes. Testing: - it's actually fun but not much horny to test on your genitalia. They sting a lot. - do they work with...
  5. andrei

    Self play question

    If you are alone and haven't got any toys from the sex shop market, what household items would you use to play and how? For example I would use paper clamps for nipple torment. Tell me more!
  6. andrei

    FOOD fetish or force feeding.

    I warched a couple of movies from something called messygirl. I think. I got horny on some involving a funnel and force feeding. Reminding me I had a similar fetish, I imagined how would a gross combination of food would be forced into your mouth. Once I did try something on getdare involving...
  7. andrei

    Happy New Year!

    As spoken, Happy New Year everyone!
  8. andrei

    Emmalock help

    Can anyone help me understand how emmalock works? Something simple like hiding a password for a start. I just didn't get how it worked I supose it needs a second person.
  9. andrei

    Brag with your local music bands, enchant our ears!

    Post a youtube video with one of your favorite songs played by any band in your local area. Pick your fav. But please: just nowadays bands, not legends. - Bigger countries like US: you should choose your district or one nearby. - UK: I suggest if you live for example in Scotland post a Scottish...
  10. andrei

    Sub Man 4 Dom Women  For some fun.

    After I lost an online relation with a nice woman I would like to continue my same experience. I cannot depend as a slave to anyone but I would like to experience several tasks from time to time for a woman who likes to watch or order. And lots of ideas to try and share. This means some...
  11. andrei

    Anonymous domination using videogames

    There are all sorts of online videogames. Let's look to mmorpgs and the simple relaxing games (mobile or PC) that allow you to share resources, help each other levelling up. Let's share what we play and if 2 people play the same game one can be a master and one a slave. The game is simple: the...
  12. andrei

    Thinking on an erotic software. Need help.

    I am thinking on coding something. I need some ideas. Do you know about fapion cards? Something like that. Basically the game should ask you to jerk off, edge, ruin. You can interract and mention your status and get a punishment if you don't comply. I am currently thinking on combining videos...
  13. andrei

    Homemade  DIY Dildo or any sextoy homemade using gelatin (UPDATED).

    I have watched a lot of vids on YT regarding gelatin. Example: I was worried I cannot find glycerin as required and I didn't know what is that for. I asked on GD and found it was something eatable but not found in my stores. Then I found out it's optional. Gelatin with water can be combined...
  14. andrei

    Homemade  DIY cheapest fleshlight idea. Call it lovetube [vid inside].

    I had in mind a while ago to collect all sorts of ideas of creating home made sex toys at a reasonable price and easy to destroy after use. For people that don't afford to keep kinky stuff around due to other siblings or room mates. I previously made a thread about making a cock cage in my...
  15. andrei

    My chastity start

    I am on vacation for 2 weeks. Problem is we couldn't have sex to avoid disturbing our friends. I decided I will not masturbate during this time. Horny thoughts I decided I will buy a chastity device first thing I get home and put the keys in my wife's hand for a present. I'd love to make love to...
  16. andrei

    Scat and messy, curious for some humiliation.

    I was thinking I would push one of my limits: scat. Actually I tried years ago and was so and so about it. I need dares starting from an easy level then I will reply how they went and level up. Be pushy with me. My limit stands about taking photos but if I can take a good one I would share in...
  17. andrei

    Curious, is any dom fem around 40?

    Curious, is any dom lady in her 40s? I am in my 40's. Most people I meet are young. I feel submissive but not experienced in the lifestyle and I am very curious to meet someone. I prefer a dominant person, or a wannabe dominant who wants to have her fun. Private me, promise I will be a good boy.
  18. andrei

    VR fun

    I was thinking on an idea and I believe everyone had this in mind: if time travel worked you will have sex with yourself :) Do you have a VR headset? Google cardboard is ok. What I have in mind is: film yourself. Acting like a bully, POV, any fetish you have in mind. Then watch the movie via...
  19. andrei


    I was looking for a mistress. But how about for a while I agree to be dominated by strangers and forced to post my dare photos to build an album? Until I can find a real mistress or, what I like better, a dom wannabe to chat. Anyone welcome to message me with your tasks for me, I'll try my best...
  20. andrei changes

    The site is recently changing continuously (glad at least they keep the delete buttons). I am finding it a bit funny. They removed the 1 day extend for some reason (too many chicken reports maybe) and now the maximum time is 6 hours. Then they added a popup list to choose from "the newest", "the...