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    I dont ever feel guilty. I do however know the urge to return anytime I thought i could leave and live the strictly vanilla life. I suggest that you ask yourself a few questions Do i enjoy the kinky stuff? Is it posing me a danger to my health or safety? Am i hurting anyone else in the...
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    Hello boy toys! Just because I am lazy and not willing to retype it all. Above is the link to a post with a dif kink talk name using this same kik. Within that post I replied and linked the few other accounts used here tied to...
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    White mom for black son

    This kik is listed to two other entirely separate screen names here on kinktalk, as well as this newer one you're using today.....All one has to do is search the kik name in the search block and all your posts show with that same kik in them. The most interesting one is in 2013 (see the link...
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    Not a great convo with a Dom - screenshots

    No, i am in no way saying "typical female behavior" nor am i placing blame to either side. I am glad it was posted to help warn others. Do not lump me into your "they and us" assumptions. I do not feel that way at all.
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    Need help punishing my female slave

    Whether I agree with the concept of the original post or its validity this still stands: Both you guys above failed to actually hit on what the OP was requesting help with. He specified he wanted help with panties. " I want her to be so humiliated by panties that she'll never think about...
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    Toilet slave

    This is another prime example of people thinking fantasy porn can/should be applied to real life. First off, as I mentioned on a prior post. Involving others of the general public into your kink play without their consent is not something anyone should be doing. By showing up to the door...
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    Not a great convo with a Dom - screenshots

    Damn, I'm late to the party. Its pretty hard to know without the screenshots . I personally have no issue with people naming shaming for the general good of the public. IF it was shown fairly, which might be hard to do when its a long kik convo. Things are easy to delete and fabricate( to...
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    Self Punishing Ideas for a slave girl with limited resources!

    As you are fairly new I will give you the benefit of the doubt here. First this post is over a year old. The date at the top says April 1st of 2019. Second the original poster if you click on or hover over their profile name it tells you when they joined and when they were last on. This person...
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    Sub or slave girls ar boys needed

    So what exactly is "supreme domination"? Also I hate to play the age card but at a fresh 18yrs old you hardly have the experience level needed to be considered "supreme". Im not saying people cant dabble prior to 18 but lets be realistic, prior to 18 you couldnt be legally participating in...
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    I wont get into the whole slave vs sub distinction since there is no real answer that is fully accurate 100% of the time. Everyone has differing views as to what a sub or slave may be defined as and where those two differ. The important part is that both sides of a relationship clearly...
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    Need help punishing my female slave

    I am lost. This is in no way a gender assumption or bias comment by any means but more of a point of clarification. Your profile says straight female dominant....but all through this story you refer to your sub as a female and yourself as having male parts etc. So I will be honest that factor...
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    Piss in the girl's face

    What girl? Who are we talking of here ? or was this supposed to be a discussion more like "who likes to rough fuck and piss all over people?"
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    28 year old female looking for a male dom UK.

    This one part: (Many of the subs are time passers here. so i started testing them with few kink tasks and requested to present some kink things to make sure that she is definitely into the submissive. Who really want to be a slave, they will do and submit their tasks results. But, most of them...
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    DIY Nipple Enlargement Devices

    This is a prime example of some of that thoughtless fantasy being suggested as real ideas. Newly pierced nipples need several months to properly heal even more so if you plan to use the piercings to hold weight. Even after all of that the only thing you will achieve will be stretched piercing...
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    Dildo at work

    Sounds like you were kept exactly as one should be at work, sore, needy, and filled.
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    I need a moderator

    Scroll to the very bottom of the page. Click the "members" link. Then click staff members link inside that. May be other ways but I am unsure past that.
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    Give my pussy so much pain

    The fire play risk and the mention of "all sorts of crazy suggestions here" was two separate paragraphs. The crazy suggestion part was a general comment based of years of posts I've seen here. (not specific to you) If you took it to mean that the comments were all about your idea then maybe...
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    Give my pussy so much pain

    Finding safe but larger girth objects are a good start for gaping. abrasion and chem play are also good ones but do the research and know the risks and neutralizers. I would advise against the solo fire play as mentioned above. This is extremely dangerous for someone with no fire play...
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    Daddy won’t play with me anymore..

    So I need some clearer details to really make a suggestion or give advice here. You said you two have been in dynamic for nearly 2 years but its been lacking for 9 months does this mean its only been a good active dynamic a little over a year then? Is this live in, local but living separate, or...
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    sadomasochism pain-slut platform

    I have nothing left to say. I stand by what i posted. Do as you wish. I just wanted other people aware here before they fell into something risky and rushed.