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  1. droptokon

    Kink Talk's official Head to Head Championships

    With the prospect of lockdowns looming large on the horizon for most of the northern hemisphere again I thought it could be fun institute a game series for members to keep us entertained over the next weeks and/or months. Open to everyone the format is as follows. There are a series of...
  2. droptokon

    Can you give me some punishment idea

    Not knowing anything about you and your pain tolerance perhaps start with this simple set of introduction tests. Find 4 regular clothes pegs. Begin by attaching a peg to the webbing between your fingers and thumb on one hand. Start at the thumb and first finger then wait 60 seconds before...
  3. droptokon

    That's just dumb!

    Over the years I've heard some silly, wacky and outright dangerous ideas for tasks, but I was wondering, what's the worst you've heard? It can be anything from simply pointless to recklessly lethal or any variation in between. This can be something you've been tasked with or seen posted some...
  4. droptokon

    The Department of Clinically Unethical Medicine (CUM)

    Great to hear from you! Perhaps sometime you could work with @BamaSwitch on developing procedures that could then be adopted for use with others?
  5. droptokon

    Homemade  Kitchen cappers

    So it seems many places are going back into lockdown so many of you will be stuck at home bored, again! This thread is for everyone to suggest ideas for kinky games that use the kitchen as the common theme, all ideas must use something found in the kitchen. Now it could be ideas for dildos...
  6. droptokon

    Alternative to stinging nettles

    Stinging nettles use a complex effect to produce the sting you feel, there is an irritation caused by the hairs, (known as trichome) and the effect of several injected chemicals. The trichome are actually hollow and carry mainly histamine (the same compound that is produced in an immune...
  7. droptokon

    The Department of Clinically Unethical Medicine (CUM)

    I'll forward your request to the appropriate specialists, due the extreme current circumstances I'm not at all sure which doctors are working and who has dropped out.
  8. droptokon

    The Department of Clinically Unethical Medicine (CUM)

    I'll review how many of the existing doctors are currently working, there may be an opening if some are not active any longer.
  9. droptokon

    The Stables,(Hucows,Puppies, Kittens,Ponies,Etc.)

    Its not ideal but will certainly do for entry to the herd. Just go to the Herd thread here, And post some of you on all fours like a proper hucow and you're in.
  10. droptokon

    The Department of Clinically Unethical Medicine (CUM)

    CUM - Examination Report Patient name: @sexycandie1 Examining doctor: @droptokon Request codes: Breast, PD Date of Exam: 15/11/2020 Overall: This subject has large tits that are well formed with significant drooping as shown in side profiles. Very large and dark areola with indistinct nipples...
  11. droptokon

    The Department of Clinically Unethical Medicine (CUM)

    Sent a message to you with the instructions for the breast exam as requested.
  12. droptokon

    The Department of Clinically Unethical Medicine (CUM)

    Certainly! Due to the current situation we seem to be short of doctors so to start you off I will send you the first level breast and vaginal exams. NOTE: [If other doctors see this and would like to take over, let me know and I will hand over the rest of the examinations to you.]
  13. droptokon

    Humiliation story

    Maybe you'd enjoy being in the hucow herd? It's been rather neglected for some time now and could do with some fresh udders. The hucow shirt would suit yours rather well I think, take a look at this example in "The herd" thread...
  14. droptokon

    Humiliation story

    That is such a great look, you should keep them on display like that whenever possible.
  15. droptokon

    Bdsm self punishment

    Here are two simple games using things around the house that will keep you busy abusing yourself for a while. As an added...
  16. droptokon

    All natural punishments

    If you ever feel extra brave and want to experiment with chili, the seeds and veins contain the highest amounts of capsaicin. If you take a single seed and hold it with tweezers you can then play around by rubbing small and specific areas with it to control the extent of the contact. Start with...
  17. droptokon

    All natural punishments

    Just curious what type of pepper was this? As for others, raw ginger root often used for figging can be pretty interesting as well as various chili's. The thing with this class of natural chemical play is that there is no "off switch", once applied as you mention it just keeps on doing its...
  18. droptokon

    Help me torture myself!

    Here are some step by step instruction I did with a picture guide.
  19. droptokon

    Girl looking exhibitionist activities

    How about trying a "wardrobe malfunction"? Check out my torn jeans idea, details here,
  20. droptokon

    NEW!!! The Official Kink Talk BINGO challenge!

    A reminder to all that the Kinky Bingo top prize for 3 completed lines is still up for grabs. Even though two members have completed 2 lines successfully if you work fast you can earn yourself the "Kinky Freak" title. You can also join in just to have fun, even if you aren't confident of...